Thorpe Park Could Get a B&M Wingrider Coaster


Submit a Theme Park News (You)ReportBolliger & Mabillard have made many ingenious roller coasters over the years. Their newest type of ride is a coaster that’s similar to a 4th Dimension coaster (see X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain). They made one at Gardaland in Italy called Raptor, although the seats don’t flip, there are rumors that B&M are testing real world data before they make a full 4D coaster.

Thorpe Park - Wingrider Coaster 2012Thorpe Park’s Possible 2012 B&M Wingrider Coaster
The proposed wingrider coaster planned for Thorpe Park in 2012 could be B&M’s first coaster with spinning seats. The theming will be a crash site complete with wreckage and a plane. It looks like it will have a straight section of track through some plane parts (possibly a hidden element in there) and will travel up a lift hill to the top then flip upside down around a half loop into a Zero-G-Roll. Then around through an Inclined Loop (previously seen on stand up coasters only). Through a turn, around a corkscrew, and onto the brakes.

It looks very short, but it’s a possible first of a kind ride. Theme Park Tourist has an in-depth look with tons of concept photos.

This (You)Report was submitted by Trent Burton.

What’s Your Take?
How do you think this possible B&M wingrider coaster sounds? Leave a comment below.


  1. Thanks for the (You)Report Trent! I missed this one. I've been busy with site design work (not my site).

    Everyone should definitely read Theme Park Tourist's Thorpe Park Wingrider article. Nick wrote a really good post about the proposed ride.

  2. Thanks for the link, Joel. I think you may have accidentally pasted it in twice, though, as it's pointing to the wrong page currently.

    Really excited about the Thorpe Park coaster…especially as they look like they are going to really go to town on the theming.

    • I hadn't spotted that this was a YouReport (great feature!). Thanks Trent.

  3. This comes right back to my Cedar Fair Stratosaur obsession. How? "Wing"-Rider. Two possibilities at the moment.

  4. What’s Your Take?

    How do you think this possible B&M wingrider coaster sounds? Leave a comment below.

    What do i think of this possible B&M wingrider coaster? K. so i think that it sounds really good and really yummy<3.

    but seriously, looks like a great addition to an already great park and gives it the title it deserves as pretty much the best park in England.

  5. I still believe that these rides are going to have to pack in a really intense experience. With the short layouts these first two have, I B&M is going to have to pack a punch to keep guests coming back.

    Thanks for the Update Mr. Trent!

  6. I think B&M will probably do very well with this ride, (if this ride is more than a rumor) but I wonder what the trains will be like. Will they be able to hold larger riders, like most B&M coasters, or will the new trains put limitations on room?

  7. I think it is not just a rumor because I looked at a site that had where the coaster will be positioned and one of them is on a littel island near stealth and I saw a littel island being constructed near stealth so I think it is true


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