Built for Speed: Cheetah Hunt’s Trains Arrive

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Fresh out of shipping containers from Intamin, Cheetah Hunt’s trains arrived at Busch Gardens Tampa last week. The multi-launched roller coaster looks amazing and I chose it as my top pick for what I think will be 2011’s best new ride. Read my Top New 2011 Coasters list to see why. Here’s a slideshow and description of their arrival from the park:


The five trains were delivered to Busch Gardens late last week.
Each train is made up of four four-passenger cars, for a total of 16 guests per train. The front car features a custom nose-piece that resembles a cheetah’s face. Further theming and graphics will be applied to the cars to complete the cheetah look, and the finished cars will be unveiled at the end of March.

Busch Gardens Tampa

The trains look pretty cool and they’ll look even better after they’re themed. Of course, I’d wish that they didn’t have over-the-shoulder restraints, but since it inverts that’s to be expected.

More information at CheetahHunt.com. Also, here’s the best video I’ve been able to find about Cheetah Hunt. This one has sound and more info about Busch Gardens Tampa, for those who have never been. It’s one of my favorite theme parks and I’m hoping to ride Cheetah Hunt this Summer.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Cheetah Hunt’s trains? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I like how the trains look, and I think increasing the size will make the ride much more comfortbale.

  2. I think that the trains could use a little more paint to look like a cheetah and not like a lioness

    • They don't have their decals applied yet.

  3. These are rumored to be very different types of trains than the typical Intamin trains, such as the trains on Maverick at Cedar Point.

    These are what the enthusiast community calls "zero-cars", or cars with such a low profile that you are practically riding on air, making the surrounding sense of safety much less noticable.

    Also, these OTSRs are supposedly much different that the typical "hard" OTSR restraints that Intamin has used. They are now supposedly made of silicon and flexible rubber, making them much more forgiving when you would go through those surf curves.

    I am disappointed however, that they decided to go with these OTSRs instead of the straps similar to those on I-305.

    • Interesting note about the zero cars. Every company should have trains as open as B&Ms if they can. It definitely enhances the experience. I guess this is Intamin's attempt.

      And I guess that it can't have I305's straps because you actually invert (go upside down). It probably requires full OTSRs.

  4. The Intamin Zac Spin coasters "Insane" and "Green Lantern" have the same straps as I305 – they go upside down although in their own unique way.

    • Zac-Spin coasters don't even use centrifical force to keep their riders in their seats, so I don't know why Cheeta Hunt couldn't use the I305 restraints.

  5. Reply
  6. Looks like maverick on crack. If this thing is nearly as good as it looks, it could easily take best coaster of 2011. However, I wonder how Intamin will do with the 4-across seating. While half of my top 10 coasters are by Intamin, I am also aware of their track record with reliability when trying something new. I'd be really surprised if this ride doesn't undergo a serious re-imagining before opening up. Guess we shall see! Good luck, IAG!

  7. Ok, so I just saw the test run videos and feel a bit crunchy. Looking good so far. Lol

  8. Yahoo! has listed Cheeta Hunt as one of the best new tourist attractions in the world.



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