Earthquake Strands Thousands at Tokyo Disneyland; Liquefies Parking Lot

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Earthquake Strands Guests - Tokyo DisneylandWhile only minor injuries have been reported the massive earthquake that rocked Japan has stranded thousands of guests at Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea.

Park employees have been supplying guests with humanitarian aid including blankets, food, and water. There’s also a report that the parking lot has been liquefied due to water from the coastline mixing with the soil as Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea are built on a landfill area.

Early on web sites were reporting that 69,000 guests were stranded or taking shelter at the park, but later reports have been smaller.

Japan is such a heavily connected country that eye witness images, videos, and tweets have been pouring out of the country via the Internet. Inside the Magic has posted images that have been uploaded to social media sites by Disneyland Tokyo park guests. I’ll add more details as the story develops further.

Read Disney’s official statement.

Here’s a video of guests experiencing the earthquake:

[Image courtesy of Inside the Magic]

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  1. Hopefuly the rest of Japan is okay.

  2. What is it with all the major earthquakes lately? Haiti, Japan and others. Woe was the world that weeped these tears, and may we ne'er forget, her solemn face.

    • Dosen't writing an apostrophe take longer than just puting a V in "Never"?

  3. I thought that the earthquke lasted longer than this… That quake moved earth's axis enough to make our day 2 nanoseconds shorter. That's a lot! But I thought it was longer.

  4. wow.


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