Kings Island’s New Dinosaurs Alive! Attraction


Other than Windseeker, Kings Island is opening their own version of Jurrassic Park in 2011! It will be all animatronic dinos in Dinosaurs Alive! opening May 26, 2011.

The attraction will feature: “more than 60 life-sized dinosaurs including 56 animatronic models, in an outdoor Jurassic forest setting”.

Dinosaurs Alive at Kings Island

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See more images and learn more about Dinosaurs Alive! at Kings Island’s website.

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Here’s a video on the attraction:

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  1. It looks like a decent attracton, but some of the animatronics looked a little, well… robotic.

    • Yeah. I guess they do look robotic. I think kids would love it though. And I'm a huge dinosaur fan so I'd soak it up. It'll be a few years for me though as my young daughters would be really scared.

      • You could always visit it alone when KD gets their newest coaster, although that may not happen for a while

        • oops, I meant KI.

          • Who doesn't want to see dinosaurs pop and lock @ :36

  2. I don't think this will attract big crowds, because it just isn't very fasinating (but it is interesting) and is not what I think of when going to an amusement park. Yes, it is really neat, but just not for a theme park. I wouldn't be any more tempted to visit the park unless I lived fairly close.

    • Really? I think it will be a great way to attract families and school groups in the area.

      It might not be the biggest addition ever, but I could see it pulling in some cash.

      • I agree with MDC. It may not attract many enthusiasts, but KD is going to attract enthusiasts anyway. Why not add an attraction like this, even if it will only attract local families and school groups?

  3. Perhaps it is a counter to the nearby Creationism Museum, which claims that dinosaurs and humans existed at the same time. Bizarre.

    The Bill Maher film Religulous has a scene taken at this "museum."

  4. anyone else think the raptors look too much like what Spielberg saw?


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