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The Coaster Critic & The Coney Island CycloneI was really excited to make it up to the hallowed ground that is Coney Island to ride the legendary Cyclone. The trek across New York City, my exciting rides on the Cyclone, and my visit to the historic Playland Park in Rye made for quite an adventure. With the addition of Luna Park and ScreamZone this summer, Coney Island should be a destination for coaster enthusiasts. You won’t grow your coaster count by leaps and bounds, but you will experience a piece of amusement park history in the living legend that is the Cyclone.

I won’t have too many pictures of myself in the book, but this was one of my best photos of The Cyclone. For some reason, I find it hard to get really good pictures of wooden roller coasters.

Read my full Coney Island Cyclone review.

What’s Your Take?
Have you ridden the Cyclone? What’d you think? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Did you have someone else take the picture, or did you use a tripod? (or anything elses that would make the camera stay up on its own)

  2. There were a couple of photographers there at the same time. I had one of them take a few pictures of me. I guess I trusted them since they were photographers and had their own tripod set up so they could take pictures of the Cyclone. I figured they couldn't/wouldn't want to run off with my camera.

  3. I'm heading out there in about a year. I won't be able to ride the cyclone :(, but I will see several broadway plays and get a lot of pictures of it though.

    • Dose "Wicked" happen to be one of the plays you'll be seeing? I'll be watching that play in NYC next year.


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