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Lasso Swing Ride - Darien Lake
This is a photo of Darien Lake’s Lasso. It’s a swing carousel or wave swinger built by Zierer. I took this photo on my first trip to the Buffalo area park back in 2003. It was my wife’s home park growing up. Years later, this photo was chosen by Schmap as the icon for Darien Lake in their Buffalo guide. I think that alone earns it a spot in my book.

What’s Your Take?
Do you like chair swing rides? Ever been to Darien Lake? What’d you think? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Before I was an enthusiast, I was much less tolerant of giant thrill rides, and chairswings used to be my favorite flat. I'll still ride them today if I have a lot of extra time at a park. It's just a fun ride, you have a lot of freedom, and you can feel the wind, it almost feels like flying. I've never been on a Starflyer or anything like a Windseeker, but I think that having a ride like this so high up would be awesome. As usual, nice photo.

  2. It actualy says "by The Coaster Critic" below the picture you took on Buffalo Guide. Very cool, CC.

  3. I'd have thought that Ride of Steel would be their main attraction. Wave Swingers are everywhere. Ride of Steel is nearly unique to the park.

  4. wave swingers are awesome. always a fun break from the the arduous coaster lines.

  5. You know, I like wave swingers a lot but I haven't ridden on one in decades, because there's always something more exciting competing for my attention.

    Canobie Lake has a nice-looking one right by the water, and I keep meaning to ride on it when I'm not escorting my kid around (they've got a separate kiddie version, but she won't go on it). Maybe I'll make a point of it next summer.

  6. …still haven't ridden the one at Canobie, but I did take a spin on the one at Lake Compounce this weekend (a typical Zierer model identical to the one in the picture).


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