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Theme Park Change - Charity for Theme Park Fans - LogoCoasterRadio Launches a Charity for Theme Park Fans
Mike Collins from the popular CoasterRadio podcast sent me some information about a great charity that he’s set up for theme park fans. Here’s more about the program:

Theme Park Change encourages amusement park fans to give upTheme Park Change - Charity for Theme Park Fans one thing they would normally enjoy during a trip to the park and donate the cost of that item to a worthy cause. For instance, someone might give up a funnel cake and donate $5. Someone else might give up a day at the park and donate the $50 cost of their ticket.

Anyone donating $10 or more through Theme Park Change has a chance to win one of dozens of exciting prizes donated by the amusement park industry. Prizes include tickets to Walt Disney World, Sea World and actual props from their favorite theme park attractions.

Theme Park Change

Here’s a video describing Theme Park Change featuring Neil Patrick Harris:

Proceeds go to Project Angel Food who’s mission is to: “nourish the body and spirit of men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses.”

I think most of us can spare a little to help out others and I applaud Theme Park Change by putting donations in context for theme park fans. This sounds like a great charity and its one that speaks directly to us.

Learn more: Theme Park Change | Facebook | Twitter

What’s Your Take?
This sounds like a pretty cool charity to me? What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I think I recognized that person who winked at the camera…

    • Now I remember! he's the actor who plays Doctor Horrible in "Docter Horrible's Sing-Along Blog." It's a great musical for those of you who haven't seen it, and he's a great actor. Sorry for the off-topic/double coment.

      • He is also on How I Met Your Mother on CBS

        • I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you don't know him from Doogie Howser. That show ended it's run 1993.

          Anyone here remember 1993? 🙂

          • Haha don't feel old CC, I can remember 93. And I also vaguely remember Doogie Howser still being on tv… I won't make matters worse by saying how old I was back then, but suffice it to say I was older than 5 and not yet 7 🙂

            on topic: this is a cool way to motivate people to become involved in charity.

  2. Very nice charity.

  3. I like it.

  4. The only thing is about this charity is that it's like any other charity. The only difference would be that there is a different theme to it. You're giving $10 to a charity. They're just saying that you gave up a souvenier to give it a theme. It's a cool concept though.

  5. However, one thing that makes this a bit different is that you actually have a chance to win something if you donate $10 or more. Most charities take your money and don't give anything back, other than good vibes. 🙂

    • True…

    • Plus it has something to do with theme parks (always a good thing)


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