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Pandemonium at Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England’s Pandemonium was a pleasant surprise on my visit to the park back in 2005. Obviously, Bizarro (then Superman – Ride of Steel) was THE main attraction. But Pandemonium (then Mr. Six’s Pandemonium, what’s with all the name changes?) was one of the best family roller coasters I’ve ever been on.

It had the rare benefit of facing your fellow riders. For once it actually could matter if you ride with your two other friends in the same train. That never made sense to me in a two across train how people would shuffle around in the station so that they could be on the same train as their friends who were three cars behind them. For the solo trippers like myself, Pandemonium also had a much, much shorter single rider line.

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  1. I've never ridden a ride with a more suitable name… except for maybe the Mind Eraser.

  2. This looks like a neat little family coaster! Definately on my hit list whenever I visit the place.

    Also, check out how close the train is coming to the camera in that shot! And that's actually a public path! Very RCDB-able, IMO.

  3. Since we have the first of its kind up here in Minnesota, I've been trying to figure out how best to seat people on this thing for the best spins. No luck so far.

  4. Funny how this ride is featured on the same day I was at SFOT for the first time trying to get it's brethren, Big Spin checked off my list. Apparently if it's windy enough to close the tower rides, so shall they close the Gerstlauer spinner:(

    • How'd you like the park? I'm hoping to hit Texas this year.

      • It was pretty cool though oddly laid out in places, you have to do some exploring. I definately want to head back sometime to ride the Giant, and Shockwave which was in rehab plus Big Spin. Great overall balance of attractions and I will say Titan seemed a little better than SFMM's Goliath somehow.


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