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Superman Ride of Steel - Bizarro - Six Flags New England
Everyone knows Bizarro (formerly Superman Ride of Steel) as the tall hyper coaster at Six Flags New England. It’s steep climb next to the Connecticut River and subsequent large hills are the highlight of its first half. Part of the reason I love this coaster so much (it’s my top coaster), is the variation in its layout. The second half of the ride is lower to the ground and even below it as the trains take a charging dive into the tunnel as seen in this picture. My highest rated roller coasters are the proverbial total package and Bizarro was the perfect example when I rode it back in 2005.

Read my full Bizarro at Six Flags New England review.

What’s Your Take?
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  1. This is also My favorite Coaster, I love the airtime and the G-Force, and especialy the OverBanked turn.

  2. Oh Ah rolling on my steel tracks/ Coaster Enthusiasts/ Riders in the mist

  3. I wonder if Intamin is still amaking hypers?

    • I think so, but mostly in other countries.

    • They have the Mega-Lites (which are like mini hypers), and Intimidator 305 (which is a giga, but the concept is the same).

  4. Bizarro (formerly S:ROS) is now my #2 steel coaster, tied with M. Force at CP. They were tied for Number One until I rode Intimidator 305 last summer. Intamin has tall, fast and smooth down to an art form. No disrespect to B&M, as they help help round out my top 10.

    • They may have tall, fast, and smooth down to a science, but it would be nice for the public if they mastered safety and good for the parks if they tackled reliability.

      • I don't see how Intamin's rides are unreliable, but saftey seems to be a bit of a problem with them.

        • Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka are always having technical difficulties. I'm not really sure about their other rides though.

  5. I soooo hope I can make it to the New England area this summer, this ride looks amazing and I've never been on an Intamin hyper yet.

  6. I haven't been on this one yet but it is at the top of my most wanted list.


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