Hersheypark’s 2012 Roller Coaster, Hoping for a Mega-Lite

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Hersheypark’s 2012 Roller Coaster Project
Hersheypark continues to give clues about their 2012 attraction (most likely a roller coaster) via the fake research site, Ride Institute of Technology. Through the release of four studies like the PDF titled “Materials & Design” that describes how a Palladium-infused “Spiderfiber Net” Stops a Speeding Freight Train, Hersheypark is having fun with this project. I’d love to hear some guesses as to what all of the clues mean as I’m not going to wade through the details. Keystone Thrills decoded the last study here.

Intamin Mega-Lite - Piraten - Djurs Sommerland

ScreamScape and Keystone Thrills’ message board are two great resources if you want to closely follow construction developments. I’ll cover the announcement when it’s made and leave the clue decoding to hardcore Hersheypark fans. Leading rumors for the new project are a B&M hyper coaster, an Intamin Mega-Lite, and a B&M dive machine.

Just as I was when Carowinds Intimidator was just a rumor, I’m hoping for a Mega-Lite. They’re hyper coaster-ish in their layout, but not actually taller than 200 feet. Like Djurs Sommerland’s Piraten (pictured above), they’ve done really well in Mitch Hawker’s Internet Coaster Poll in recent years. Agawam, Massachusetts is a hike for me and I’d love to have an airtime packed mini Bizarro in Pennsylvania.

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What’s Your Take?
What do you think Hersheypark’s 2012 roller coaster will be? Leave a comment below. Photo Credit – milst1


  1. If it's a Mega Light, I think It'll probably ave a very steep drop. Just my speculation from the R.I.T. site.

  2. I've been following this religiously. its looking like a 212 ft tall first hill, maybe with a powered launch (similar to Maverick in CP?), 196 ft first drop over a creek. its going to intertwine with the Comet and (most likely) the Great Bear as well. It also looks big. Real big. Maybe 5,000+ ft in length. still no direction to who is building this beast.

    this is all just speculation obviously, some of it more verified and some just my thoughts from trying to decipher the clues.

  3. I hope it is a B&M Hyper coaster because they have great airtime and comfortable seats, but i think it will be and intamin hyper or mega lite. Intamin hypers are good too.

    • I'm a huge fan of B&M hypers, but we could use more Intamin hypers or the U.S.' first Intamin mega-lite. I'd be just as excited for another smooth airtime machine from B&M, but it'd be cool to see something different too.

  4. I'm thinking it will be S&S. But then again, how do we know it's even steel? It could be an intamin pre-fab.

    • With all the issues S&S has had recently (Ring Racer & such) and with S&S having never built a hyper (which is what the clues are pointing to), I highly doubt that.

  5. I don't think its gonna be a Mega-lite, or at least I hope its not, because they already have Farenheit, and that reminds me a lot of Mega-lites, so how about something new like a B&M Hyper or Dive Machine?

    • What does Fahrenheit have in common with a Mega-Lite? The only thing I see in common is that they are both made by Intamin. Fahrenheit is an inversion-focused ride, while the Mega-Lite is an airtime focused ride.

  6. There are many of signs pointing to a dragon or eagle theme. Also, there are also clues believed to reference Griffon, as well as talk of freefall drops and water splashes. So, My belief is that a B&M Dive Machine or Hyper Coaster is all but confirmed at this point.

  7. Hershey is definitely in love with Intamin, but they aren't married.. not yet anyway. Their last 2 installments (Storm Runner and Fahrenheit) have been Intamins and have more than delivered. However the only B&M in the park is the Great Bear and Hershey also loves diversity. Plus, there have been countless clues that reference GB…

    food for thought.

    PS- prof bam, I would bet my season pass that this is steel and is not a pre-fab. If you look at the design plans that have been leaked and the location of construction in the park, it shows that this thing is steel all the way and definitely custom built for the terrain. Of course the plans could be a ruse, but everything so far leads me to believe that they are legit.

  8. I am glad hershey is getting this. When i went i felt something was missing- a hyper coaster! Now they are finally getting one.

  9. It can't be a prefab because steel footers have already been put down. I think it's been well-established that Hershey applied for permits to build a 212-foot coaster, which would mean that by definition, it can't be a Megalite. However, my prediction is an Intamin Hyper, meaning that it would have an airtime-filled layout like a Megalite, but it would be taller and faster, which would be even better than a Megalite.

    • Another Intamin hyper is always a good thing! 🙂

      • I second all of that. Hope you’re right!

  10. That would be cool for magalite but i think b&m hypercoaster would be 10xs better

  11. Intamin Hypers are Awsome. You can't deny that.

  12. I'll be at the park tomorrow… I will try to snap some pictures of the construction and such. Not that it will help us figure out what it is yet, but if i get any good pics, I'll try to post them here. or send them to CC and he can post them on here if he so chooses. if anybody is interested that is…

  13. It looks like it will be Intamin. What appears to be Intamin supports have appeared in a secluded area.

  14. Has anyone considered that this could be a Wing-Walker design like Furius Baco or Raptor? There was talk on the original RIT teaser site that the coaster was the result of their "latest findings". Seeing as how the this type of coaster is relatively new and unique, it is a possibility.

  15. Possibly an Intamin LSM Launch coaster or a mega coaster.

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