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Six Flags Great Adventure’s Green Lantern-theme Stand Up Coaster Opens
Green Lantern at Six Flags Great AdventureLast week, Great Adventure fans got their first rides on the Green Lantern. Replacing the aging and rough Great American Scream Machine, the B&M stand up was a remarkable ride in its former life as Chang at Kentucky Kingdom.

During its transformation the ride received new trains and a fresh, mostly green, paint job. I noticed that the track is yellow at some points like that huge vertical loop. I wondered if it was to pay homage to its Chang years or if it had to do with the Green Lantern’s enemies who use yellow energy. Great Adventure Online answered my question via their Facebook page. They said that the yellow track was indeed tied to the hero’s storyline and his nemesis.

Early Reviews of Green Lantern
The prevailing theme from the reviews that I’ve read is that Green Lantern is very forceful. One commenter on this site mentioned an experience similar to what I had on Cedar Point’s disappointing and painful Mantis. I’ve moved his comment below and I’d love to hear what others have to say.

Watch this POV video of Green Lantern at Six Flags Great Adventure:

Note – This video was filmed by professionals with permission from the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

What’s Your Take?
Also, if you’ve ridden Green Lantern, what would you rate it? Vote in the poll below and leave a comment or mini review in the comments section. Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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  2. I just rode this on august 7th was a pretty good day for lines it was only 30 minutes for kingda ka !!! but anyways after the inclined loop and before the mcbr that little crossover i hit my head so much i thought i was on scream machine!!!

  3. Robert, I am completely with you. I rode both Mantis and shockwave as well, and the only reasons I had for riding Green Lantern were 1) I am a credit whore and 2) I had heard that Green Lantern was excellent. I also place this high up on my Great Adventure list, although I put this ride above Ka. I DID get a little sore from the seat, and I hyperextended my knee on my second ride and had to be transported to the EMT station, but I would ride it again in a heartbeat. From the third seat, the forces were intense and awesome, and from the front seat…well, holy sh**! lol I'm so glad to have found a stand up worth many re-rides. A solid 8.

  4. I rode the Green Lantern on August 20 along with two other friends. All of us agree that it was a rough ride and probably won't go on it again. I, too, injured my knee on the ride when it slipped out from under me going over one of the inclines. It was a good thing the seat was there. I think there should be something to secure your legs / feet into place to prevent them from slipping out from under you. The seat is not comfortable at all but is needed in addition to the harness being connected between your legs. It's a shame cause I was really looking forward to the ride even after standing in line for almost two hours.

  5. Not even close to as good as scream machine, but compared to the other stand up i'v been on
    ( Shockwave), this was smooth. The first drop is probably good, and the next inversions are okay. The bunny hop has a dose of air, not painful ejector air like Shockwave, but a brief floater air like the last hills on nitro. The brakes come next, and they barely slow the ride, making the second half awesome. The fast turns and corkscrews are great, a lot better than Shockwave's excruciating bunny hop finally. If there was trees, and not just rocks, I'd give this an 8, but until then it's a 7.5.


  6. I went last night, I enjoyed the overall ride considering the twist, turns, hills and loops were quite a thrill, but being all the way in the back row and standing up straight was fairly painful. At times I was screaming for the mere thrill of the ride, other times I was screaming out of agony,of the pain that surged through me on every hill, and loop. Getting off the ride, I felt weak in the legs and my calves hurt like hell… But overall the ride was great

  7. I still believe that the yellow paint job on some parts of the track is in respect to Chang.


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