Six Flags America Removes Skull Mountain for 2012 Attraction

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As I reported today on Gadling, Six Flags America (near Washington D.C.) is removing their unique Intamin water ride known as Skull Mountain. I remember it as the Typhoon Sea Coaster when the park was in its Adventure World days. The ride’s like many water flume rides, but it also incorporates roller coaster-like elements. In addition, it had these sections (or just one section, I can’t remember) where the boats were rotated and then you’d continue traveling through the ride backwards. Skull Mountain at Six Flags America

Your last chance to ride Skull Mountain will be July 10th. Read about the special events that park is having to commemorate Skull Mountain’s closing in the full press release.

What will Six Flags America’s 2012 Attraction Be?
The park has shared that they plan to add a new 2012 attraction where Skull Mountain is now. I’m really interested in seeing what the park adds as it’s down to only seven roller coasters after selling and removing the troubled Vekoma shuttle coaster Two Face. The park’s last new roller coaster was Batwing in 2001. That’s an unheard of ten year span without a new coaster!

If the new attraction is a roller coaster, my guess would be a wild mouse or wild mouse-esque coaster in the vein of the (formerly Tony Hawk) Big Spin coasters or SFNE’s Pandemonium. Six Flags America is in a big market, but you wouldn’t know it from visiting the park. For one reason or another locals, even those that didn’t grow up in the area think of Kings Dominion when it comes to amusement parks. I felt like I was sharing a government secret when I told people there’s a theme park only 30 minutes away just east of D.C.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think Six Flags America’s 2012 attraction will be? Do you think it will be a roller coaster? Leave a comment below. [Photo Credit – Flickr user Milst1]


  1. I enjoyed my visit there and and liked a few of the rollercoasters. Compared to KD or most other parks close by i.e. Hersheypark, SF in NJ, Busch Gardens; SFA just isn't up to par in any amusement aspect. The park isn't very attractive and really lives up to the Coaster and Concrete moniker. The park seemed small to me with not a lot of options for food or entertainment and it just seemed like "a basic" amusement park. I don't mean to harp on it because I did enjoy my visit but if I had to choose I would definitely pick the extra 45 min drive to KD or Hershey thank SFA.

  2. Screamscape thinks it will either be a B&M of some sort or an Intamin Zac-Spin.

    • A zac-spin is an interesting idea. I'd love to see anything from B&M even if they rolled out a new kiddie line. 🙂

      But I'd wonder if they'd make their money back if they built an expensive ride like that. I'm not sure how much their attendance would climb even from a world-class coaster.

      • Well they could publicize a ZacSpin as the "first of its kind on the East Coast" which should bring in more attendance. And ZacSpin's aren't very expensive compared to other modern steel coasters, I think they cost about $5 million. However, I think that a spinning mouse is the most likely route, as the park's attendance just doesn't justify getting anything major.

        • Maybe, they could possibly getting a ride similar to SFStl 2011 ride, Skyscreamer, which is a smaller version of Cedar Points Windseeker. I know this park has a small market, but so does our Six Flags park.

          • I agree with Piedude81, a SkyScreamer-type ride would attract almost every age, its not really pricey, takes up VERY little space (the STL one takes almost no space at all) and a great idea would be for them to add SkyScreamer for 2012, as a warm-up for a major ride in 2013.

          • Nice thought Piedude. I hadn't thought of a tower ride like that.

  3. No clue! And the locals are always up in arms about height and noise restrictions. SFA should be my homea park, as it's less than 1/2 hour away, but I do prefer Hershey, which is an hour more in drving time. To their credit, S:ROS and the two woodies are really good. (The Vekomas and the Premier coaster are to painful.)

  4. No clue what SFA is going to come up with, however, I'm hoping they will add a new coaster to SFA. It's time. SFMM, SFGA, and others have added coasters year after year, and SFA has been one, if not the only SFs, that hasn't added a coaster in ten year. I understand why people don't look at SFA. Once you've been there twice, or three times, it's old. Especially, year after year, with nothing new.

  5. I'm guessing another "Tony Hawks big spin" is going to be installed. I really don't know a lot about Six Flags America, I've never actually been there.

  6. Skull mountain was fun, but when I rode it, the lines were realy long and the whole thing just smelled bad.

    I think that maybe they'll add a zac spin, but they may also add a ride with some type of water element in it, because the park will lose their only water ride that isn't in the water park.

  7. I hope Zac Spins never become popular, putting one at SFMM of all places was foolish. It reminds me of Flashback and other gimmicky coasters. Most of all capacity is horrendous. I think a nice unique Mack watercoaster would complement the line up well.

  8. I want to apologize if I offended anyone with the typo that was in the this post's title. I was moving WAY too fast when I put up this post. I want to assure you all that it was a mistake. If you've been visiting this site for any time at all you'd know that I try to keep it a safe, family-friendly environment.

    Thanks for reading!

    • I honestley didn't notice the typo, but saying that noticing things isn't my strongpoint would be an understatement.

  9. I just heard the news that Speed in Las Vegas is not being liquidated.This is making me think that six flags may have purchased this ride to take the place where Skull Mountain is.It would probably fit in there nicely.Six flags most likely got a good deal on Speed and figured that is a new coaster they could add to This location without spending big bucks.

    • Interesting bit of news. I'd love to see that ride re-surface at SFA. The article I read stated that Nascar Cafe wasn't being liquidated because they wanted to re-open it (the restaurant) in another part of the city. They didn't mention the coaster though.

  10. My home park, California's Great America last roller coaster was built 10 years ago (Psycho Mouse). At least Batwing was a large roller coaster while Psycho Mouse is a wild mouse coaster. Right now, the most recently built large coaster that still exists is Flight Deck (Formerly Top Gun) which was built in 1993!

    Both parks are in real bad shape, but Six Flags America is not the only park with a 10 year absence of coasters.

    • Good point XYZ. I didn't realize Great America's coasters were quite that old.

      10 years is still pretty rare for a major theme park though. Someone can chime in and prove me wrong, but there can't be too many more with that kind of a lag. Even smaller chain parks like Darien Lake, Elitch Gardens, Great Escape, etc. have added something in the past decade.

  11. I just hope my guess is right,lol.SFA needs a new coaster bad!!!

  12. I've lived in downtown DC for 10 years, have been an ACE member since 2nd grade (I'm 28 now) and have been to this park exactly once. That is how incredibly bad it is. Not only is it rinky-dink and suffering from common problems that all SF share, the parking and admission rates are similar to Hershey's and King's Dominion which is just insulting. It is the worst "large" park I have ever visited in my life.

    I really hope it is something that will justify a trip out there and a renewed sense of hope for the DC area. However, I echo the other statements that it will most likely be small and cheap–and from a marketing stand point they can't be faulted as it seems to be the wise choice given the chronically low attendance.

    Actually, I have secret fantasies of Cedar Fair buying them out. Yes, I know, unrealistic…but a guy can dream, can't he? I've been really happy with KD since Paramount left the picture.

  13. Kye:After CF got burnedon the SFWOA/GL purchase they'll never buy another park sold by SFI again.

    I used to get passes to SFA from 98 to 07 but grew tired of them always going the cheap route by adding waterpark rides & removing rides without replacement,at least CF is continuing to improve KD while SFI just lets SFA get worse by thinking that if the attendance is low it's not gonna help t add new rides when they should be able to figure out that the reason attendance has declined is due to the lack of new rides….they do need to lay off of SFGRADV,SFMM & SFGRAM for a while & focus on the parks they've been ignoring for a few years instead if they want people to return.

  14. All signs point to Iron Wolf from Six Flags Great America!

  15. six flags america is getting ironwolf :/ am going to miss it

  16. I am seriously going to miss this ride. I really think another major refurb on this ride would have been much better than Apocalypse. The ride was about as close to "Disney" style theme elements as I've ever seen at a Six Flags Park. It was fun, and was always operational when I visited despite the constant claims about it having horrible down time.

    I think a 3rd overhaul of this ride in the long run would have made much more sense than moving the oldest operating B&M roller coaster over to my local park. Skull Mountain was the 2nd incarnation of Typhoon Sea Coaster, after a previous refurbishment that saw that backward portions removed. In fact, the old bumpers from the turntables were still visible all the way up til they closed it last summer.

    Perhaps they could have done a "Chute the Rapids" style make-over, which would have probably been awesome. Skull Mountain was a family ride, and while thrilling for it's last drop, it was something the whole family could experience together. Apocalypse is clearly for adults only. In a park that already lacks a good amount of family rides, a lack of new coasters for 10 years really should have taken a back seat, or been implemented elsewhere on the property. not at the expense of what I felt was the best ride at the park, and a Flagship for Six Flags America.

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