Riders Stuck on California Screamin’ at Disney’s California Adventure

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Roller Coaster Accident on California Screamin | Disneys California AdventureFriday night riders were stuck on California Screamin’ at Disney’s California Adventure. According to this tweet from Windows to the Magic:

BREAKING NEWS: Train stops on Ca Screamin’ at DCA. Guests stuck after the loop. ANAHEIM FD has been dispatched!
@wttm (Window to the Magic)

UPDATEThe Orange County Register has reported that the incident was caused by a backpack that fell onto the tracks. It sounds like the ride’s safety system stopped the trains in order to prevent them from hitting the backpack.There were no injuries, but it took about an hour for the fire department to rescue about 24 riders from one of the trains. The stranded train had just left the loop and was 20 feet or so off the ground. Read the full story: “Riders removed from Disney roller coaster after object blocks track” Thankfully, no one was hurt from the incident.

California Screamin’ is an Intamin launch roller coaster that opened in 2001. It features one vertical loop and its 6,700 foot long track makes it one of the longest roller coaster in the World.

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What do you think of this roller coasters accident? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of Flickr User Jason Pratt

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  1. I'm hapy that no one was hurt. What I want to know is what that backpack was doing there anyway.

  2. About a month ago, I was under the coaster's loop in line for a ride. I got hit in the head with a plasic coke bottle. It came at me really fast and got all the guest around me sticky with coke. I ended up with a fat bruise on my jaw from it. They might need to take a few more moments in checking that people bring NOTHING on this ride.

    • Right… Kinda Odd.. you can't get near the loop actually.. How on earth did the bottle travel all that way to the line..

  3. I wonder if all coasters have safety systems like this. it seems like it was a good idea!

  4. Intamin's Decade of Destruction isn't over yet. Is this one of the Disney coasters with two stations? (one to get on and one to get off?)

  5. I've been on that ride several times. They have a secure bag at every seat for loose items. The moron who didn't hold onto his/her backpack could have cost lives and now we all have to pay for the wait for it to re-open!!

  6. when I went there 2 months ago, there were pockets and they made sure everyone put there belongings in them, who wouldn't


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