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Carowinds' 2012 Ride Could Be a Huss Giant Frisbee

Today Screamscape reported a survey marker sighting at Carowinds for a rumored 2012 ride near Intimidator, but no one had photos. So I went down to the park after work and saw a number of markers in the grassy field next to Intimidator. They have “HUSS GF” written on them which likely means the park is getting a Huss Giant Frisbee ride. I have to imagine the park wasn’t trying to keep this one a secret with the ride’s make and model so plainly visible. Even if they were, the majority of the public will still be surprised, just not the theme park geeks.

Here are are more pictures of markers and the surrounding area:

And here’s a video of maXair at Cedar Point. It’s a Huss Giant Frisbee (not sure which type though):

Also see Huss’ site to learn about the Giant Frisbee 55 and the Giant Frisbee.

UPDATE – Now a “GCI 2012” survey marker has Theme Park Hype - New Social Link Sharing Websiteappeared at Carowinds as well. The park may be having fun with us, like the White Lightning Spy Photo that was leaked before Intimidator was announced, but it’s kind of odd that they’d actually name a roller coaster design company. It makes more sense to me that they’d be more vague if they were just toying with the fans. According to those who attended Coaster Stock, Carowinds will announce their plans on August 24th. So, we’ll know more soon. See the photo, vote on this story, and submit others at Theme Park Hype. It’s a new social link sharing site for theme park fans.

What’s Your Take?
Ever ridden a Huss Giant Frisbee? What’d you think? Leave a comment below.


  1. Giant Frisbees are one of my favorite flat rides! It should be a nice addition to an already nice park.

  2. Rode my first one last week, totally caught me off guard with how crazy it was. I think it'll fit in well at Carowinds, great g's at the bottom of the swing and decent air at the top.

  3. Didn't get a chance to ride at cedar point as MaxAir was down but this looks like a great addition as those mentioned above. I really liked the S&S Power swing. These rides seem like great compliments to coasters.

  4. MaxAir (Cedar Point) and Delirium (Kings Island) are more fun than a lot of coasters. They are the best "flat rides" I've been on, even nicer than Skyhawk (Screaming Swing). I was pleasantly surprised that they don't have any nausea from the spinning, it's not much of a spinning ride and the rotation gives the airtime crazy angles. At the top of the swing you are almost upside down. It's especially effective for those two parks given the tall rides nearby – the towers provide a nice reference point when you're at bizarre positions, far above the midway. The POV videos don't show how great this ride is, it has to be experienced.

    Here's a thought: replace all (or most) of the Vekoma SLC coasters with Giant Frisbees!

  5. I've ridden Tomahawk @SFNE which is similar to a giant Frisbee, but the seats are on the inside, and you're feet aren't hanging. Above is a video of a giant Frisbee made by CoasterImage. (The video, not the ride)

  6. The giant frisbee will be a nice addition to Carowinds! Looks like a nice spot for it also.

  7. I want one up here in MN.

  8. I went on MaxAir is honestly an overrated flat ride. I didn't experience much air, but the g-forces at the bottom were great.

  9. MaxAir is the only one ive been on. It was great! I felt like i was spinning through the air and the ride was just awesome. It offered a great view at the top too. These are much better than the chance morgan ones. (Dorney Park, Knotts Berry Farm).

  10. I've added an update to the post about a new GCI survey marker that was found near Thunder Road. I'm not sure what's going on, but it would sure be fun to be on the inside and watch the fans' reactions.

  11. I was just at Cedar Point this weekend! I wanted to go on, but none of my riding partners (cousins…) didn't want to ride MaxAir…

  12. Yes, I had ridden a Huss Giant Frisbee before. Delirium at Kings Island is the only one I've been on, and I gotta say it's fun! I think this will be great if Carowinds got a Huss Giant Frisbee 'cause the park doesn't have too many thrill rides.

  13. Ho-ho! We're getting a Max-Air? I've always wanted to try one of those! This is going to be sweet if we're really getting one!

  14. The Huss Giant Frisbee is one of the best thrill rides around. Considering the lower cost in comparison to coasters I'm surprised that more parks don't add them.

  15. OMG! YES!!! I was just at Cedar Point in June 2011 and I rode maxair and i loved it! favorite thrill ride there because windseeker was closed but opened right when i left so it's sad but i live in charlotte nc and i don't have to go all the way to cp to ride i can just go 15 min away ! SO HAPPY!!!!

  16. They are connecting to the indoor playground place near it. At least thats what i heard

  17. A ducky!!!!! I remember when we drove past Carowinds, there was a bulldog facing the highway. I was leaving Charlotte. Good times, good times…

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