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Theme Park Hype – Social Link & News Sharing for Theme Park Fans
Theme Park Hype - Social Link & News Sharing SiteMy new website Theme Park Hype has officially launched. If you’ve missed all of the hype that I’ve created around the project here’s a synopsis. Actually, I’m in such a silly, sleep deprived mood that I’m going to quote myself here:

… it will be a social link sharing site (known as social bookmarking) like digg or reddit. It’ll be an online community where you’ll be able to discover, share, discuss, and vote on theme park-related links.

… anything’s game, but what could set ‘Hype apart could be the non-newsy stuff as theme park fans have plenty of excellent news sites that they already frequent. To my knowledge, there’s no high quality community-driven mashup of great links where users can discuss and vote or ride their favorites.

– Joel from “Theme Park Hype is Coming to a Browser Near You”

Please excuse the laziness with copy and paste job above and my lack of posts recently. Hopefully, you’ll see what I’ve been up to when you visit the site.

Thanks to all of the people who participated in the preview period. Your feedback has made Theme Park Hype a much, much better site. It wouldn’t be what it is with out you.

Theme Park Hype has proven to be (and will likely continue to be) my most challenging project yet. There are still a few formatting tweaks and small things here and there, but after a few ridiculously long nights the site is finally ready.

Go visit Theme Park Hype, sign up, and start sharing and voting on links. You can also follow @ThemeParkHype on Twitter. That’s going to be one interesting Twitter feed as I’ll have all of the interesting and diverse links that people will be submitting going straight to Twitter soon.

What’s Your Take?
Now that it’s here, what do you think of Theme Park Hype? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I just joined Theme Park Hype. It seems realy cool, but I haven't made any posts yet.

    • Thanks for joining Quil. And nice profile pic. Have you seen some cool or interesting links on the site?

  2. I think I was the first person to join that didn't see it early. I actually woke up at 430 to do so.

    • Yep. I think you were the first 'public' member Kris. I was actually still up working on the site when you joined if you can believe it. Thanks for getting up so early to check out the site. It was encouraging to see a new member so quickly. 🙂

  3. How do you get a profile picture? I'm not smart enough to figure out how to apparently 🙂

    • It's not you Frog, it's not very clear. Click on "My Hype Page" when you've logged in. It'll be in the Admin bar at the very top of the page. Once you're on your Hype Page, click on "Profile Photo" in the list of links on the left. There you'll be able to upload and (I think) crop your profile photo.

      I've added a section about this to the FAQ page as you're probably not the only one who's wondered how to do that. Thanks for checking out the site!

      • I seem to be missing the links to the left on My Hype Page, because it only shows the blank profile picture and my "status" thing, with nothing else. And just as a side note, the site is awesome!!

        • Would you happen to be using Internet Explorer? I'm seeing that the text is black and probably isn't showing up too well on the dark gray background. I'll have to figure out a way to fix that.

          Everyone should be using Firefox, Safari, or my favorite Chrome! 🙂

        • Your screen should look like this:

          • Your right! I'm colorblind so i must have completely missed it, thanks for the help!

  4. Thanks for pointing out the font color issue on the Hype Profile pages. I've made the change. So the pages should look good for everyone now.


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