Is the Trimless Intimidator 305 Better in 2011?

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A reader suggested that I write a post asking everyone how Intimidator 305 wasIntimidator 305 at Kings Dominion this year. The Giga coaster (meaning taller than 300 feet), is among the tallest roller coasters in the World. That extreme height, means a massive drop, and that drop generated some intense grey out-inducing g-forces when it opened last year. So, this past winter Kings Dominion gave that intense turn an overhaul.

Reactions to the New, Trimless Intimidator 305
This message board thread on KDFansite includes reviews of the new version. In one rider’s experience it was “So Awesome” and had more airtime than before even though the grey outs were still there and the radius of the turn didn’t seem different to that rider.

I also noticed that World Wide Brian gave the 2011 version of Intimidator 305 high marks. Brian said that it’s “running much better in 2011.”

I’d love for more of the Kings Dominion faithful to chime in on whether Intimidator 305 has attained the level of roller coaster nirvana that was out of reach when the ride’s speed was reduced last year. The anger and pleas from the masses to return it back to it’s full speed was pretty annoying after a while.

What’s Your Take?
How does the new Intimidator 305 run compared to last year’s trimmed version?Vote in the poll below and leave a comment.Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.


  1. I haven't ridden it before this year and I do have to say that I did gray out each and every time I rode it, but the airtime is there and ranges from nice to excellent.

  2. I road I305 when it first opened up, after trims were added, and after the new turn was installed. This ride was amazing only the beginning of the 2010 year and even better for 2011. The ride just gives off powerful forces. The airtime has been even better this year than last. The rides performance is just incredible and powerful. the ride is most intense in the afternoon when its fully warmed up. the ride feels even faster than before. Enough said this ride is just incredible.

  3. I have ridden it before and after as well. Honestly, it makes absolutely no difference in forces, only speed. I still grey out about every other time I ride. I will say the drop is exponentially better with no trims, but the turn feels exactly the same. Maybe I'm getting cynical but the trims on the first airtime hill are a huge buzzkill. I don't remember them being there (or as aggressive at least) last year, and it just felt as if the resulting floater air was manufactured (someone correct me if I'm mistaken about these trims being new or amped up). Just as you're about to crest the hill, kings dominion slaps you with, OH BOY, another set of trim brakes. Its like when NASCAR put restrictor plates on the "big track" cars. I guess its only fitting that the "big track" NASCAR coaster follows suit.

  4. Oh and to make matters clear, I am not World Wide Brian. just Brian. and sorry for the double post

  5. I did not get on I-305 last year when it opened before the trim brakes and I was so upset at myself for not making it down there.I decide to go down this year after hearing the reviews that it was back to pre-trim form.We ended up riding it at night and I was amazed at how awesome this coaster is!! Truly incredible and it actually beats out MF.The only better steel now is still Bizarro at SFNE only because the last quarter of I-305 is kinda lame.Bizarro is till a flawless coaster that keeps up the speed the whole way through.The first 3 quarters of I-305 is AMAZING!!

  6. I have ridden the original version and its current version (never got a chance to ride it trimmed). Of the two versions i've ridden, the current incarnation is better. I couldn't be happier with what KD has done with it.

    Right now, Intimidator 305 is the most intense rollercoaster in the world. It's a unique experience.

  7. I rode it last year in august. It was a bit disappointing with its lack of airtime. Now that people say it has airtime, i must return to kings dominion sometime.

  8. I went on this coaster with the trims brakes and I still thought it was amazingly fun and fast!!! I'd love to see how it rides without the trims and the new curve

  9. I rode it with trims (on the drop) last year on a warm day. Easily my #1 coaster. I haven't been on Bizarro but did not find the "last quarter of 305 kinda lame." The final "twisty" before the brake run is the most intense of the three super twists. It's not mellow at all. The hills on the return back to the station had nice airtime, not ejector seat but easily rivaling a B&M hypercoaster.

    Millennium Force is great, but 305 is better. 305 is the love child of MF and Maverick.

    Maverick needs the 305 "strap" harnesses.

    And 305 still has a trim, just now on the third hill (where it was originally). I don't think I'd want to experience the final curves without any trims at all on the course.

  10. I think the ride is the exact same as when it first opened. I don't know how the turn effects the ride now but it feels exactly the same(speed and intensity) to me which is why I'm surprised to hear so many folks saying it is better now then when it first opened. I don't think the turn effects the experience of the ride as much as it is just a design to help the wear on the wheels. Of course the ride didn't have trims on opening and now that is the BIG change to this years version. The one thing that is better than the original is the restraints but they are unrelated to the new track and trims. The best thing about the removal of the trims is the return of airtime on the 2nd hill which is just incredible. From my experience you can put it like this: Original: GREYOUT, Trimmed: GREYOUT, New Turn: GREYOUT; Original: 2nd hill AIRTIME, Trimmed: NO AIRTIME, New Turn: 2nd hill AIRTIME, Original: Great first DROP, Trimmed: Good first DROP, New Turn: Great first DROP. It is definitely the most unique and intense coaster I've ever been on. I just hate the fact that I can't re ride too much since it's so intense.

  11. Well I happened to be there on the day that the designer and engineer were there to visit and i got to speak to them about the last quarter of the ride kinda lacking a finale.They agreed and said that they would of liked a better ending but they just did not have the room to do what they really wanted to.

  12. I rode this beast 13 times yesterday. I rode it twice in 2010, with the new restraints and the trims. It was my #1 then. Without those trims?!?! As of now, it isn't even close between this one and my #2 coaster (Maverick). I was literally holding on for dear life every single time I was riding. I was also greying out on each ride, so I'm not sure what the purpose of the reprofiling was (perhaps it was just a maintenance issue after all….). That first airtime hill produces the most intensely insane ejector air I've ever experienced (even more than Maverick's). All I have to say is that this ride epitomizes what a roller coaster should be about. I can't wait to go back later this year and ride it again.

    SN: Sorry Millennium Force fans, Intimidator 305 trounces it (and Millennium is my #3 favorite coaster).

  13. Dion, they were probably just being as polite as they knew how to be, given that some random stranger had just walked up to them and denigrated something they no doubt worked quite hard on to their face. personally, i think i305 is thrilling all the way through and don't find the ending at all lame. 🙂

  14. Hopefully the complaints will cease now.

    • Amen.

  15. I don't like the new turn at all but the softer OTSR added mid season 2010 is an improvement.

    If anything I find that the G load painfully increases with the new turn & would greatly prefer the old one any day.

  16. And those forces are a BAD thing?

  17. I think the current version of I305 is by far the best. I never had a problem with graying out on the first layout, but absolutely hated the second iteration, with the trims on the drop. The current version seems to me to provide more airtime on that awesome 150 foot air hill. I don't like the trim breaks on the third air hill, and I don't remember them being there last year. Nonetheless, I'll take the current version happily, with little to complain about.

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