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It’s time to announce the winner of the “Eat Sleep Ride” T-shirt. My daughter was happy to do the honors. She picked the winner using a random drawing software. The winner is Trent. While it was random, it was nice that the winner was an active member of Theme Park Hype and this blog. As a side note, Trent blogs as Coasterguy at the Coasterblog. He’s submitted some interesting links to his site at Theme Park Hype in recent weeks including an article about a family shuttle coaster and his 5 favorite ride makers.

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway. I’ll work out the color and Eat Sleep Ride - Happy National Roller Coaster Daydesign details with Trent and in a few weeks he’ll be the proud owner of his own “Eat Sleep Ride” T-Shirt.

As I’ve said before, I didn’t create these shirts to make money. I just thought it’d be cool to give theme park fans some shirt options that didn’t have a park or a specific ride’s name on it. Check out the shirt and its design options here.

Look back at the giveaway details and read about the bonus content featured on my Facebook page and more about Theme Park Hype.

Stay tuned for my next giveaway soon. Next time it’ll be for theme park tickets!

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  1. Parents wouldn't let me enter… More importantly, are you guys okay after Irene?

    • I'm fine, actualy, my power just turned back on a few minutes ago. I didn't get back on my computer Immeadiatley for fear of a power surge, but I think it's safe now. I didn't enter because I don't have a facebook, but I wolud've if I had one.

      Congratulations to Trent for winning the contest, and I hope everyone is safe now that the weather has cleared.

    • We didn't get anything in my part of North Carolina. Charlotte is pretty far inland. Saturday was a really nice day here, just noticeably more windy than usual.

      And on that note, NewsPlusNotes has a wrap up of how East Coast parks handled Hurricane Irene. I was going to do a similar post, but they did it so well I figured why bother.

  2. Congrats Trent

  3. WOW, I never thought I would win, I haven't ever won any contest of any importance in my life! Thanks CC!

    • Congratulations!

    • You did deserve it (I wasn't surprised when you were called out.) Congrats!


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