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Drop Zone at Kings Dominion

A ride to the top of Kings Dominion’s 305 foot tall Drop Tower: Scream Zone is quite a harrowing ascent even for a seasoned coaster vet like myself. There’s quite a difference between a roller coaster car and just seats with restraints. At the top, Drop Tower holds its ring of 56 seats for a few seconds. These few seconds seem like an eternity to first timers. Then, the bottom drops out and the riders plummet at 75 mph towards the ground.

I found a news story from 2003 when the ride was announced. Back then, the park was Paramount’s Kings Dominion and it boasted many movie and television themed rides. I had no idea that the ride was named after the 1994 Wesley Snipes film Drop Zone about a group of skydiving crooks. Seems like a pretty weird tie-in. Did the park think that fans of the movie would be more likely to ride a drop tower by the same name? How much can you really theme a tower ride anyway?

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  1. AWESOME droptower, one of the best I've been on!

  2. Dose drop Zone slowly lift it's passengers to the top, or does it launch them?

    • It doesn't launch the riderss. It's more of a slow and steady lift.

      • I thought so. I've never seen a drop ride like this in action, but the car/train/whatever the thing that you sit on is dosen't seem like something you'd shoot into the air at high speeds.

  3. I think drop towers are overrated, then again I've never been on an Intamin one. I personally prefer space shots.

    • Well, you probably think they're overrated because you've never been on an Intamin one. I always skip the S&S ones as they don't offer enough forces. But the Intamins, even the small ones, they deliver. The KD one, oh man, strong negative Gs from start to finish, it just keeps going. Everyone who gets off of that thing is just smiling and euphoric. It's a wonderful feeling!

  4. I'd rather ride a drop tower than a space shot, and this one is simply the best. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I saw somewhere that this tower is the tallest drop tower in North America.

    • I think it is the same height as the King's Island's drop tower.

      • That one's taller, this one's faster

  5. Do Disney's multiple Tower of Terrors count as Tower Rides? I've never been on an Intamin Drop Tower ride, although I can say from track records (no pun intended) that I'd prefer a Gyro Drop as pictured above.

    • Yeah, the Tower of Terror is simply a very well themed drop coaster with a longer, pre-determined layout.

  6. Great ride. Best drop tower ever, and my personal favorite flat thrill ride.

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