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Family Dryer - Amusement Parks
The Family That Dries Together?
Maybe you’ve noticed these nifty family-sized dryers at your local theme park. Maybe you’ve even used one. I think they’re a neat idea. Some people don’t want to walk around the park after they’ve been soaked by a log flume or some other water ride; especially if it happens to be a chilly day.

Haystack makes these ‘drying booths’ and you can find them at theme parks all over the World. The photo above is of a dryer at my home park Carowinds. Guests pay a seemingly hefty $5 price, but when you consider that they can fit up to five people, it could actually pretty cost effective.

What’s Your Take?
Anyone try one of these drying booths? Did it work? Was it worth it? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Yes I have noticed these. I havent been in one, but think that for a chilly day theyre good, but for a hot day they are useless. But now that I think about it, why would anyone go on a water ride on a chilly day or want to dry off on a hot day?

    • Ive used these before and think they are a really good idea, even if its freezing cold im going to go on all the rides i want and get soaked cause i dont know when ill get the chance to go to the park again and theme parks arnt cheap. I think alot of the general public think like this aswell. The only thing I do do different is leave the water rides till the end of the day.

      Maybe its the climate in the UK that makes these a no brainer for parks in my opinion, cause we dont really get guarantees about weather over here, you can have pouring rain one day and blistering heat the other, so even if you plan to go to a park during the summer it might end up being a cold day.

      • I doubt it's realy too much of a difference for most of America. Here in New York, we have a saying: "If the weatherman says it to you, it's not true."

        • agreed (dont trust weathermen)

  2. I have to agree with Matt. I'll only go on a water ride if it's really hot out, in which case I don't want to dry off afterwards. If it's not at least 90 degrees outside, I won't go near a water ride if there's a chance of getting wet. Maybe I'm just getting old. 😉

  3. I've been taking changes of clothes, socks and sneakers ever since my first ride on the then untamed raft ride at Great Adventure. Also a towel or two. We left a trail of water across the park, since we kept getting bumped back under that $%^&*@! waterfall. They had to pull the raft out and empty it after we debarked. Thankfully now there's a wood barrier in place to prevent raft gridlock.

    Considering that $5 could go towards an overpriced funnel cake and the already prohibitive admission prices, I'd rather be a little more frugal with my hard earned dollars. And a fresh change of clothes helps revive the body during a long, hot day. Good excuse to take a breather.

  4. I must be rubbing off on my wife. She said they should be teleporters that you could use to beam yourself instantly from park to park. That'd be an awesome multi-park season pass program!

    • Just a crazy thought I have had for a while, I've been thinking about the crazy possibility of having a theme park on the moon. The biggest problem would be the expensive flight there and back. If they had teleporters people could just beam up and down. With gravity on the moon being less than it is here the coasters in the park would be filled with airtime. Like I said this will probably never happen (or at least until teleporters become reality).

      • I've had that thought too. Disney would love building a Space Mountain in space!

      • I think that the possibility of a coaster on the moon would be very unlikely, unless if they eliminate the possibilty of white-outs, I don't se how it would work. Anyway, THERE IS AREASON WE NEVER WENT BACK… ( 🙂 )

        • I know that is is crazy, I just think it would be cool.

          • I know, Hey Trent, how did you change your pic?

          • It did it automatically. I run coasterguy.wordpress.com which is run on WordPress, CC's blog is also on wordpress so it probably has something to do with that. I've noticed that Piedude81 also has a pic and he has a site on WordPress too.

    • Do you watch Star Trek at all? Cause i'm part Klingon.

  5. i saw one of those at kennywood, it smelled like "B.O."


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