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Dare Devil Dive Roller Coaster - Six Flags Over GeorgiaI’m headed down to Atlanta this weekend. As part of the trip we’ll be hitting up Six Flags Over Georgia. So, I’ll finally get to ride and eventually review the new Gerstlauer coaster, Dare Devil Dive.

I’ll also get some fresh rides on Goliath, currently ranked 9th on my Top Steel Coasters List as well as the classic Schwarzkopf looper Mindbender. I might even brave the rough Georgia Cyclone, but I’ll likely steer clear of the punishing Vekoma looper Ninja.

I’ve been to Six Flags Over Georgia twice, but I’m always open to any suggestions or tips. Do you have any tips for my upcoming trip? Are there any ‘perfect’ seats for certain rides at the park?

New Reviews on the Way – You Pick the Coaster!
I’ll try to do some tweeting while I’m at the park, so check my Twitter page (@CoasterCritic) over the weekend for mini review tweets.  Then when I get back look for two or three new coaster reviews. You can help determine which three roller coasters I review other than Dare Devil Dive. I’ve already reviewed Superman: Ultimate Flight and Goliath. Pick up to three roller coasters that you want me to review most and I’ll review them this fall and winter.

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What’s Your Take?
Any suggestions for my trip to Six Flags Over Georgia? Any tips for riding Dare Devil Dive? Leave a comment below.


  1. Very interesting I been toying with the idea of going to that particular six flags. So what's the word about you going to Canada's Wonderland Next year. I want to hear what you have to say about the new Giga coaster. I think you should open up a vote for where you get to go next year. If were up too me you be heading off to Dolloywood, Six Flags Great Adventure and Canada's Wonderland! : P

  2. ^I think dollywod, canada's wonderland, and hersheypark.

  3. I should probably get the passport process started, huh? I'm definitely aiming to have a busier year next year and I hope to visit a number of theme parks. Canada's Wonderland & maybe LaRonde are targets. Dollywood's very likely because it's only a 4 hour drive for me. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is about 5 hours drive and it's one of my favorite parks so that's another park.

    After those parks, I'm not sure where I'll end up. I still need to do the Minnesota and Missouri parks too. Return trips to Cedar Point, Hersheypark, Six Flags Great America, and Kings Island are tempting too. I always announce trips once I'm officially going. So stay tuned. Hopefully, I'll be able to make it to a couple of media days so I'll have some reviews of 2012 rides up as soon as they open.

    • huh?

      You mean, "eh?"

      • Yeah. Eh, would work better. Especially since I was talking about Canada.

    • Let me know when you're at Valleyfair!

  4. I want to see how the Georgia Scorcher Compares to the Vortex at Carowinds.

    • The Scorcher is excellent, especially in the back seat. It probably has the best airtime of any stand up and no head banging at all. It feels like the design that B&M tried to achieve (and failed) with Iron Wolf. I hope it's not the last standup built. Riddler has more dramatic loops but Scorcher is a better design.

      • So if I rode the vortex and enjoyed it would I enjoy the Scorcher.

        • I really don't like Vortex. Too rough and pretty dull.

  5. Id like to see a Batman review because their are so many clones.

  6. I am going to six flags over georgia next year. I cant wait to ride goliath, dare devil dive, and mindbender. I also am excited but somewhat scared to ride acrophobia. Im not scared of drop towers, but standing up on it seems just plain scary. Cant wait till next year. As for your trip, I hope you enjoy your first 90+ degree drop coaster and have a good time!

  7. I'd like to see a Georgia Scorcher review, it is certainly one of the best stand ups that I've been on, a bit short though. Mind Bender because I haven't seen many Schwarzkopf coaster reviews here. Great American Scream Machine because it is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated coasters. It was my favorite wooden coaster for years before I finally got to go one that was better.

  8. I would like you to rate Great American Scream Machine because it's one of those classic woodies, and you don't have many reviews of these simple out and back woodies. I can't wait to see a Dare Devil Dive review (I've never been on a Eurofighter). Have fun!

  9. everyone vote Ninja! In about an hour, i'm going to be a gorrilla for about 3-4 hours! I wonder how big my pit stains will be.

  10. Thanks for the votes everyone. I'll be sure to pay extra attention to how the experience is on those rides. I'll have some first reaction/random update tweets through out the day on my Twitter page and also at the top of the side bar.

  11. Georgia Scorcher is actually my fav ride at SFOG and goliath follows shortly behind. So please do that one above all! (I think lots of others agree with my decision) My other choices were Mind Bender and GASM. I would have liked to see a review of ninja as well, but I could oly choose 3.

  12. I'm back from my trip to SFOG. I'll have a trip report of some kind and coaster reviews up eventually. I've got to put all of my energy into Theme Park Geekly for now. But check back for reviews of Dare Devil Dive and the top 3 coasters from the poll above.


  13. Did you ride the GASM while you where there.

  14. i LOVE SFOG I go there every single year and it never disappoints me!

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