Verbolten’s Freefall Drop Track Revealed?

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It’s Goin’ Down! – Verbolten Construction Photo Reveals Freefall Drop Track
One of the elements inside Verbolten’s mysterious ‘event building’ may have been uncovered. BGWFans has a construction photo showing what may be the rumored drop section. It’s been thought that a horizontal section of track that drops (like the one seen on Alton Towers’ Thirteen) would be the “first-of-its-kind in the U.S.” element that the new roller coaster will be able to boast. Based on these photos and the leaked schematics, it’s a pretty good bet that Verbolten will bring us our very own “freefall” drop section.

Verbolten - Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Construction

Courtesy of

It’s been noted by the geeks that the drop may not technically be a “freefall” because it’s controlled (by hydraulics, I think) and not completely free to drop via gravity. I’m just going with the coined term for this unique element as I don’t quite know of a better more accurate one.

Also, check out this Busch Gardens Williamsburg Verbolten construction video:

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of a drop section for Verbolten? Are you more excited now? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of


  1. Too much media these days.Now I won't be surprised,lol.

    • Good point Dion. I'll warn people with 'spoiler alert' or something when I promote this on Facebook. Some people might not want to know what happens inside the building.

  2. It looks cool. The whole theming behind it looks awesome, especially the black forest. I want to ride this very much, but I just went to Busch Gardens in June of this year, so I won't be going back for some time now, as it is a 6 hour drive and I have other parks to go to like SFOG this year.

  3. As cool as Verbolten looks, I think that other 2012 coasters (X-Flight, Skyrush, Wild Eagle) have made a better impression, all though I am curious about all the "suprises" that haven't been confirmed yet. It looks like a great new ride for BGW.

  4. does anyone remember drachen fyre? i'm feeling Deja vu again. BGT got Kumba, BGW got a pile of scrap. BGT got Cheetah Hunt (Cheetaka!), BGW gets this. I hope this is worth the hype. I'm looking at a 2013 trip out there.

    • It's funny you say that. I'm feeling like there's been less hype (from the park at least) than BGT created with Cheetah Hunt. It's probably because BGT could show off every bit of that ride beforehand and BGW is trying to keep details scarce. If you're talking about hype from the fans, I feel like that's a bit weaker than it was for Cheetah Hunt too.

  5. I like the track.

  6. If you really don't mind not being surprised, here's video of Thirteen's freefall drop track in action.

  7. Cheetah Hunt had too much hype.That ride ended up being my biggest dissapointment for 2011.I was expecting much more from that ride after all the hype.So I guess I would rather be pleasantly surprised than dissapointed.

  8. I just wish they could have built this around and through Big Bad Wolf. I will truly miss that little sweetheart of a ride

  9. Well Busch needs to get the word out a littler better, at O have a feeling this ride is all smoke and mirror any way. At least post something on the website…I mean come on, you had a year of disappointment with the Mach Tower opening up just weeks before the last days. Oh yeah mike, what you know about poppin and droppin lol (as mentioned in your post about KI Dino Alive)?

  10. At this point, with all their top-notch big coasters and no woodies, BGW really needs some sort of medium-thrill, family-oriented coaster, something to fill the gap between the Grover coaster and the big ones. It's OK if this thing isn't terribly extreme. It might even make sense to make it tamer than the BBW, as much as I loved that ride.

  11. Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be as lame as Thirteen was. Thirteen was alright, but they made it out to be much more than it actually was. I thought the commercials were a lot better than the actual ride. If Verbolten can deliver the goods than I will be satisfied.

  12. This looks like a pretty sweet ride, I really like the idea of a free fall section but I hope it is not the main part of the ride. I am sick of these really popular rides, with long wait lines, that last for like fifteen seconds. I want a ride that I have a little more time to enjoy.

  13. The track in the building is complete – pictures at

    Note that the helixes will be very steeply banked. My guess is there will also be some good airtime on the ride, not El Toro strength but not a kiddie ride either.

    Detailed blueprints were posted at

    scroll down to "New Verbolten Plans" – there are three links there for graphics. Close to 90 degree horizontal banking in the building.

  14. Heard via a BGW employee putting up promotional stuff at a timeshare that Verbolten is actually ahead of schedule, and should open in late March/early April (in time for high schoolers' spring break, apparently). Original target was Memorial Day weekend. It should be similar to the situation with Griffon, which opened ahead of time before the "grand opening," before all the publicity could get out there. Should make the lines a tad shorter when it opens!

    Big Bad Wolf was the first coaster I ever rode but honestly it's removal isn't anything I've lost sleep over. Glad it's being replaced with something more up to date that should be a nice family ride but also a unique, solid coaster for the general public with a lot of replay value. I'm guessing it'll be Th13teen meets Darkastle meets Big Bad Wolf(with the river drop and all). Also the sketches of weird hands on bgwfans make me think the mascot will be some sort of ent/possessed tree whose branches turn into arms in the building.

  15. I wish that Busch Gardens revealed updates on Verbolten's 88-foot drop down the Rhine River.

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