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Long time reader Judy, sent in a few shots from here recent trip to Dollywood. Specifically, they’re construction photos of the park’s highly anticipated Wild Eagle wing roller coaster. The new ride will take advantage of the Dollywood’s beautiful mountainous terrain. So, getting photos was probably pretty tough. Here’s are some of the images she sent in:[simple_slideshow transition_speed=”10″ link_click=”0″ transition=”toss”]Read more about Dollywood’s Wild Eagle and see more construction photos on the official site.

Also, the park recently unveiled this concept image of the ride’s trains. I’m not sure where they released it, but I found it via this NewsPlusNotes post.


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  1. Drove 9 hours to shoot photos … AND ride Thunderhead 71 times!! Got lots of Christmas shopping done, too. Dollywood is an awesome park with something for everyone and some of the nicest employees you'd ever want to meet. Here's a shout-out to the operating crew on Thunderhead who made this trip a whole lot of fun. I have to vote them my favorite ride crew of 2011.

  2. I realy like the themed trains. I love how they incorporated the "winged" idea into the trains. Nice pics, Judy.

  3. for some reason, the trains remind me of S&S free-fly trains. it could be just me, but that's because I'm a happy unicorn from the land of rainbows and enchantments.

    • I beleive you.

  4. Let's see. Wing coaster. B&M. Terrain coaster. Dollywood's great attitiude and food……

    I'll get there if I have to crawl!!!

  5. Great job Judy. Thanks so much!!

  6. I think that it's a little weird that there's an eagle head on each train. But besides that, this ride looks great so far. Thanks for the pictures Judy!


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