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Upcoming Interview with The Gravity Group
Ravine Flyer II - Waldameer ParkThe Gravity Group has been kind enough to agree to an interview for Theme Park Geekly. I have a number of questions and a general theme for the interview but, I thought it’d be cool if one question could from my readers. I’m sure there are some really interesting questions that I just wouldn’t think to ask. So, submit question ideas in the comments below and if there’s a really good one, I’ll include it in the interview.

In case you need a refresher, The Gravity Group is the company that’s been behind a number of innovative and ridiculously fun new wooden coasters. Examples include: Hades at Mt. Olympus and Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer. Oh, and The Voyage at Holiday World, also known as the number one woodie in the World.

They’ve introduced elements like the insane triple down in the dark, Hades’ hellish, wall-climbing pitch black ride, and fun 90-degree banking moments like those found on Ravine Flyer II and The Voyage. They’re not done as Chinese riders will experience a World’s first ‘High Five’ element (seen in video here) on the country’s new Gravity Group racing coaster next year. See all of my Gravity Group posts.

What’s Your Question?
What would you ask The Gravity Group if you had the chance to ask them a question? Leave a comment or question below. Image courtesy of Theme Park Review.

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  1. Cool. I have a question. Why do they use steel supports on some of their coasters and wood on others? Do the steel supports make the ride smoother or easier to build?

    • It's much cheaper to maintain a woodie with steel supports, and I believe steel supports also allow the coaster to go through more intense and quick maneuvers (including all those 90 degree turns).

      • True. Wood supports couldn’t hold up and take 90 degree turns.

        • However, their new high five element is 90 degrees and it has a wooden structure.

      • Not sure about the intensity of the turns, but I can confirm the maintenance advantage as it was stated by Waldameer park owner Paul Nelson that Ravine Flyer 2 was going to cost them more up front but have less maintenance over time than a woodie with a wooden support structure. More here:

  2. I have a question for the Gravity Group- as far as terrain coasters go, what are the advantages of making the ride a hybrid?

  3. Why aren't timberliners going on the new china coaster with the high-5 element and Voyage at Holiday World? is there something wrong with them? has Mt. olympus talked about a timberliner or two for Hades along with transfer track?

  4. What do you think is your best ride?
    What do you think is the best ride you haven’t designed?
    What do you think about rough epoxies getting The Texas Giant Treatment?

    • For the last one I meant woodies Not epoxies

  5. The Gravity Group formed after CCI broke up. My question is… How is working for the Gravity Group different then it was working for CCI?

  6. If you were to build a large-scale woodie again (e.g. Hades, Voyage), would you work on making it smoother and make it so you can easily re-ride many times without "punishing" you?

  7. When is the issue coming out?

    • Not sure yet. I'm aiming for a mid-Feb issue and a final mid-March.


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