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Georgia Scorcher - Loop - Six Flags Over GeorgiaMerry Christmas! As promised, here’s my review of Georgia Scorcher. I hope that you got what you wanted. And, more importantly that you were able to give to others and spend some time with your family and friends. Enjoy!

Georgia Scorcher at Six Flags Over Georgia
In recent years, stand up roller coasters have become a dying breed. Six Flags has been shuffling them around lately (Green Lantern & Apocalypse), but the last new stand up coaster in the World according to RCDB was 1999’s Georgia Scorcher at Six Flags Over Georgia. Compared to the maker’s (Bolliger & Mabillard) other newer stand up coasters like the aforementioned Green Lantern and Riddler’s Revenge, Scorcher is a bit of runt. In the shadows of Goliath, you’ll find the coaster’s compact, yellow track sitting on a small plot of land at the front of the park. Scorcher’s fun twisted layout gives guests a nice preview of the thrills to come once they’re inside the park.

While Georgia Scorcher is about 100 feet tall (instead of 130 to 150 feet tall) and it only has two inversions (where Mantis and the others have 4 to 6 inversions), that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I, along with many others, have reported the odd and at times intense leg pain while riding the larger stand ups. On Scorcher there are moments when the leg pressure is felt, but it never went all the way to pain for me.

After what’s likely to be a long wait as first-timers and novice riders figure out the position of the standing restraints, you board the four-across Bolliger & Mabillard trains. I won’t do a complete blow-by-blow account of this short ride, but it basically consists of a straight (not swooping) first drop that’s followed by a vertical loop, lots of turns and a “sneaky corkscrew”. I call the corkscrew “sneaky” because after a number of turns (including one that threads the vertical loop) the corkscrew is a bit of surprise. And, it’s hard to see it coming in the mix of tangled twisted track.

Georgia Scorcher - Six Flags Over GeorgiaRoller Coaster ReviewsIt’s a fun little looper that likely benefits from its relatively smaller size. The only complaint may be that some may feel cheated by its briefness if there’s been a considerable wait. Wait times for stand up coasters tend to be longer because of all of the adjusting that goes on as riders board the train. Still, Scorcher is a fun ride and a good addition to Six Flags Over Georgia’s lineup. Final Rating – 6.5 (Above Average Approaching Good)

Check out this POV video of Georgia Scorcher at Six Flags Over Georgia:

Note – This video was filmed by professionals with permission from the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

Thrilling Roller Coasters - For Brave RidersGeorgia Scorcher is rated ‘TH’ for Thrilling. It’s a 3 out of 5 on my Thrill Scale. It has 1 thrill factor, it’s two loops. Some could consider its unusual riding position another factor, but it doesn’t really add to the intensity of the ride. It’s relatively smooth and not very intense.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Georgia Scorcher at Six Flags Over Georgia? Do you agree with my rating? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of Coaster Image.

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  1. I am going to ride this in 2012 when I go to SFOG. I hope like you said that it isnt painful like the larger stand ups. It may be short, but if it is smooth and comfortable it is fine by me.

  2. It's a little late, but Merry Christmas everyone! (and happy Hannuka or Kwanza to any of you who celebrate either.)

  3. Rode Scorcher back in 2005 when I wasn't as hardcore a coaster junkie as I am now where I remember every detail. The few things I remember about Scorcher was that the first drop was surprisingly good, and that I liked Batman the Ride considerably more. Still is a very good first ride for the park though.

    Speaking of straight drops vs. swooping, I wonder why B&M doesn't go with the straight drop a bit more? To me it makes an average ride so much better!

  4. B&M got the math right on Georgia Scorcher, the best designed of any of their stand up coasters.

    The Scorcher has good airtime in the back seat, nice direction changes and a heavily banked hill that has a great transition into the corkscrew and then a short sharp drop.

    It's unfortunate no one ordered another stand up after that one. Perhaps parks don't like the slow loading of the stand up trains versus the much easier and faster loading of the B&M hypercoasters. I suspect the stand up trains have a lot more maintenance issues due to their complexity.

    A large version of Scorcher (the quality of its design plus the giant loops of Riddler) would be the best of all possible worlds for a stand up coaster.

    I've been on 5 of the 7 B&M stand ups. I haven't been on Chang / Green Lantern or Carowinds Vortex. Riddler is generally my favorite but the ride I just had on it was the worst I've experienced (it is in single train mode for winter rehab and the train still in service needs some repair). Lots of head banging.

    Vortex at California's Great America could be melted down and recycled – that is the only B&M I've experienced that I think should be torn down. The corkscrew is especially bad. A ride on this would sour opinions about stand up coasters, it was even worse than Kings Dominion's Shockwave "TOGO" coaster.

  5. I still remember my painful experience on Iron Wolf and was wondering, to any and all stand-up riders, is there a positive difference between the IW trains and later B&M stand-ups. I ask for reference for I'm heading up in the direction of Mantis later this year.

  6. fun but not fantastic

  7. Dude this ride is so much fun!! 🙂 My favorite in the park (closely seconded by Goliath) I've never noticed any leg pain at all on the ride and I've been ridin it for many years now in all different seats. But I am only 5'7" so that may mean something

  8. It was one of my first roller coasters (The great american scream machine being my first) I sat in the middle and was scared out of my mind. The bump going down the hill ruined it, but the twisted tracks made it hard to see what was coming next, which was terrifying but exciting at the same time. It wasn't at all painful, but I guess being young is apart of that. My parents will not ride another wooden coaster!

  9. My husband and I rode this coaster in the summer of 2010 and enjoyed it quite a bit. We have found that many of the stand up coasters seem to be head-bangers, with all of the inversions. This coaster, however, was quite enjoyable without boxing our ears. A good ride!

  10. I love stand up coasters and don't know so many hate them. Scorcher is a great ride but it has two drawbacks; it's too short, and it really kinda fizzles out at the end. The first loop is awesome. It's basically "Green Lantern Jr.", a smaller, shorter, less intense version.

    Now, I have a theory as to why so many people find stand ups uncomfortable. Twice on Scorcher, while I was sorta squatting to connect the seatbelt, the ride operator locked the seats. If I didn't say "Hey! I'm not standing!" I would've had to do the ride locked in an awkward position that I imagine would be painful. I have a sneaking suspicion that something like this may be going on; people think they're 'standing up' properly when in fact they're standing less than fully erect. If you're not standing up perfectly straight when the seats are locked you're screwed. If you tell the operator your seat's too low they will unlock it and allow you to stand properly. The shoulder restraints on these rides are designed to lock in place over a full range of heights (from the very short to the very tall) so if you feel like you have a bicycle seat shoved up your ass or like your shoulders are being painfully compressed you were not standing correctly when they locked the seats in place.

    I think Scorcher, Lantern, and Riddler are some of the most comfortable coasters I've ever been on, and I have friends that range in height from barely 5' to over 6' and who range in weight from about 150 to 270 and they all agree with me on that, so I'm not buying the idea that you have to be a certain height or weight to feel comfy on these (and the seat/row is irrelevant).

    I hope at least one standup coaster hater reads this, gives them another try standing properly and says "Holy Crap! You were right, That was awesome!

    • I too love stand ups and wish B&M was still making them. To me flying coasters have an infinitely more awkward and uncomfortable riding position. And I think your theory about why so many people dislike stand ups is probably very accurate. I disagree on your drawbacks to Scorcher, though. I actually think it's compact size adds to it's intensity (granted, it's not BTR intense). I also think the heavy banking into corkscrew into figure 8 is a solid finale. Scorcher is actually my favorite coaster in the park after Goliath and Mind Bender. I'm always happy when I come across a fellow enthusiast who also loves stand ups! We're a rare breed lol.

      In the grand scheme of B&M stand ups I'd rank them Riddler's Revenge > Georgia Scorcher > Green Lantern (it was Chang when I rode it) > Vortex (Carowinds) > Mantis > Apocalypse (Iron Wolf when I rode it) > Vortex (CGA).

  11. In my opinion, the Georgia Scorcher is a really good standing coaster. It is one out of three standing coasters that I have ridden including the brand new Green Lantern at Great Adventure and the even newer Apocalypse at SFA. Looking at the track layout of those two before I rode them, I expected them to be 10 times better than Scorcher. But the fact is that those coasters gave me the same experience that you found on the Ninja which caused you to rate it so lowly- my head was banged back and forth inside the harness. This dissapointed me greatly but I did realize that the Scorcher at my home park wasn’t that bad. It may be short but at least it isn’t painful. Also, I am going to be visiting SFoT, SFFT, SFMM, and SFDK next summer. Has anyone ridden any standing roller coasters at these parks? And do you experience the same pain that I mentioned above on them? Because I have not yet ridden an amazing standing coaster.

  12. Finally got a chance to re-ride this after my first ride in 2005 as I stated above earlier. I now have to completely agree with Mark’s description and experience on this ride. Easily the best designed B&M stand-up (I’ve ridden RR, GL, and Vortex at Carowinds since my first Scorcher ride). The size, compactness, and small loop count make this ride severly underrated. The direction changes (TWISTIES!!!!) and banked turns lets this ride make the most of its compact design. And there was absolutely NO head-banging like I’ve experienced on the other B&M standups. I also agree that a Scorcher-type design combined with the size and loops of RR would be the best of both worlds.


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