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Last Section Manta Track - SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego completed the track work on their 2012 launch coaster Manta. It shares a name with sister park SeaWorld Orlando’s coaster, but will offer a completely different ride experience. San Diego’s Manta will be a MACK-designed multi-launch coaster while SeaWorld Orlando’s Manta is a Bolliger & Mabillard flying coaster.

Here’s a video of the last section being added:

After watching that video, I think I could join a roller coaster construction crew. Looks pretty simple, right?

Manta’s 2,835 feet of track are made up of 98 sections with the last one being installed this week. Next, construction will continue as they build the aquariums that will be home to a variety of marine life including rays and 500 fishes in total. The work will also include the ride’s hi-tech 270-degree projection screen that will surround the opening launch tunnel. Manta is set to open May 26, 2012.

Watch an animated on-ride video and read more about SeaWorld San Diego’s Manta.

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  1. It seems funny to me the lack of respect this ride seems to be getting. Yeah, it won't be the next Maverick, but it still looks like a really fun ride. Speaking of Maverick, I kind of ignored that ride because of it's smaller size and it completely blew me away and was easily my favorite ride at the Point. Small rides can still pack a punch.

    • I agree Gearhart. Size isn't everything and the fact that the experience will so themed and customized could mean a lot.

      Speaking of Cedar Point, I really need to get back there. I'm more concerned with new parks than return trips for new roller coasters, but I think whatever CP has up their sleeve for their next new roller coaster could finally bring me back.

  2. LOL


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