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Silver Dollar City's Building a 2013 Roller CoasterAs I reported last December, Rocky Mountain Construction, the people who brought us the New Texas Giant, have a few new roller coaster projects in the works for 2013. According to Screamscape, one of these projects may be the woodie that’s under construction at Branson, Missouri’s Silver Dollar City.

Lance reported that the park hasn’t commented on the attraction even as it’s started to take shape nearly a year before the park’s 2013 opening day. The ride could the custom RMC-designed woodie with their topper track that they previously talked about. No one knows for sure, but we could see RMC’s new trains on this coaster. The other project is believed to be a Texas Giant-like overhaul of Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ Rattler. That will be one awesome ride as I could sense its potential, but spent most of the ride getting pummeled. MidWestInfoGuide has construction photos of the unnamed 2013 woodie.

I haven’t written a lot about Silver Dollar City, but it looks like a good park. I may be targeting SDC for 2013 as I’ve yet to visit any amusement parks in Missouri. It’s owned by the same company that operates Dollywood, Herschend. It currently has a B&M sitdown looper called Wildfire (that another enthusiast recently told me is awesome), an air-powered launch coaster (Powderkeg), an enclosed coaster (Fire in the Hole), and an Arrow mine train (Thunderation).

Here’s a video of Silver Dollar City prepping for opening day. It gives us a good look at the park and its attractions.

What do you think of Silver Dollar City’s 2013 woodie? Leave a comment below. Photo courtesy of Flickr user ishane.

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  1. I live in Kansas City so I have grown up visiting Silver Dollar City, which is only 200 miles south, although I don't get down there as much as I would like.

    I'm a traditionalist and think it's sad that after waiting so long for a wood coaster at SDC it's going to be a pre-fab job with plastic coaster trains rather than a GCI. Even sadder, the Ozark Wildcat sits SBNO down on the Branson strip and could have been moved to SDC. I was not a big fan of that ride, but it could have been improved during the relocation.

    Although SDC was the original, Herschend's money is going to Dollywood and its other new acquisitions and SDC is being treated like a step-child. Not only is it not getting the new attractions (GCI Woodie, Mystery Mine, Wild Eagle) but it keeps losing attractions– most notably the Wilderness Waterboggan, SDC's version of the Mountain Slidewinder.

    • I'm also a traditonalist with some pretty strong views on several new coasters for 2012, and some of them are strongly negetive (Verbolten and X-Flight). But i'm looking incredibly foward to this ride, a news article says that with a combination of their trains and track that they can make them perform inversions (according to Screamscape articles). But RMC hasn't revealed their new coaster cars, so they may not be plastic cars like you say. Plus moving Ozark Wildcat isn't as easy as it seems with a park that has hilly terrain, think of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole hard. But I'm eager to see the end results even though I live in the 'boring' state of Wisconsin.

  2. This will be the second coaster they've added since i went a few years ago.

  3. Jeff, I agree on the relocation idea for the Ozark Wildcat and SDC's current step-child status.

    I worked on the Waterboggan from 89 to 94. It was a mess from day one. Every time guests had a problem with it, the solution created new problems for the guests to complain about. It never ended. Each change made the Waterboggan worse than before.

    It was unique, a two-of-a-kind attraction found nowhere outside the SDC family of parks. Dolly got the *good son*…..SDC got the *red-headed step-child* version.

    I still have a boat handle which broke off a boat one day, while I was doing a ride-thru.

  4. That B&M inspection thingy is quite cool, hadn't seen that before

  5. This is not about sdc. But coastercritic, PLEASE convince Six flags st. louis to Put a new intamin rocket coaster for 2018

    • Lol why 2018 may I ask? I would figure you would want it sooner.

  6. By far the best wooden coaster I have even on. At this time it also ranks as the best coaster I have been on. The steep drop at the beginning and numerous corkscrews my family rode it several times.


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