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Europa Park’s Wodan – Timburcoaster has to be one of the best-themed wooden roller coasters I’ve ever seen. The queue looks amazing with plenty of detail bringing the Norse world to this German park. One image I came across referenced “bifrost”. If you saw the Thor movie, then you might remember that was the name of the rainbow bridge from Earth to Asgard.

Anyway, Europa Park put a lot of effort into theming the ride. In case you haven’t seen how great this intensely-themed GCI Woodie looks, here are some images courtesy of Bloggercoaster. Note how the ride interacts with other rides like the water coaster Atlantica Supersplash and Blue Fire Megacoaster:[simple_slideshow size=”slider1″ link_click=”1″ auto_advance=”1″]

View more images and read Xavi’s review posts: Wodan Analysis Part 1 | Wodan Analysis Part 2
Again, Google’s great Chrome browser allows for easy translation to English!

And here’s a POV video that shows Wodan’s exciting ride. It looks like another solid ride from GCI:

Note – This video was filmed by professionals with permission from the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

Wodan made my list of the best looking new roller coasters opening in Europe & Asia this year. See why and the rest of the list here: 7 Best New Roller Coasters Opening in Eurasia

What do you think of Wodan? Can you think of any other heavily-themed woodies? Leave a comment below. Awesome images courtesy of Bloggercoaster.

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  1. WOW! Sick looking ride! On a different linkI saw a very cool slow motion clip of some of the tunnels. Also a walk through of the line. The theming looks amazing.

  2. Are they doing reverse pov video? I thought I saw cameras in each row in a different clip. I heard Verbolten will have these in car videos as well. It will be really cool to watch ourselves on video and see how the G forces affect our bodies.

  3. The only wooden coaster I can think of that even comes close to matching Wodan's theming is Apocalypse at SFMM, but WOdan has better theming. This ride looks great, I love the first drop!

  4. GCI forever!

  5. Sadly according to a couple of the reviews I have read, whilst the themeing is world class the ride, apart from the first drop is not. Still I would give anything to have something like this in the UK, it must be coming soon, many successful woodies have opened in europe over the past few years so surely its our turn soon, along with a nice intamin mega lite.

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  7. That looks like a ton of fun, I wish there were more great woodies like that in the U.S.


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