Bluegrass Boardwalk Owners Tour Kentucky Kingdom (Video)

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Bluegrass Boardwalk TourRecently, a reporter from a Louisville news show took a tour of Kentucky Kingdom. She toured the defunct park with two of the park’s new owners, Dan and Natalie Koch (also owners of Holiday World). Like we’ve seen with other abandoned parks, it doesn’t take long for nature to creep back in and take over. In the interview, you can see how plants have taken water slides and how what looks to be a wave pool has been turned into a brown pond.

The video also gives us a look at Holiday World. If you’ve never been, it’s a great amusement park in Southern Indiana. It’s more than just the home of the insanely fun, top ranked woodie Voyage and enthusiasts’ favorite Raven, it also offers one of the cleanest and friendliest atmospheres I’ve ever experienced. In the video, you get a brief look at the park, some of its great guest features like the free drinks from the Pepsi Oasis and free sunscreen. There’s also some footage of Mammoth, Holiday World’s new water coaster.

They’re aiming to give each of the parks their own feel and they describe Kentucky Kingdom as reminding them of a seaside resort.

We won’t go one year and buy two rides and put one ride into each park. It’s going to be unique. – Bluegrass Boardwalk CEO, Natalie Koch

Look for Mammoth on Extreme Water Parks later this summer on the Travel Channel.

What’s your take on the interview? Do you think Holiday World’s management will be successful at Bluegrass Boardwalk? Leave a comment below.

I originally found this video on  NewsPlusNotes via ThemeParker.

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  1. Bluegrass Boardwalk will not open in 2013 as planned. It sounds like there's more work to be done than they thought. So, the recently announced that the new park won't be ready until 2014. Read more here: Bluegrass Boardwalk Confirms Request for 2014 Opening


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