Cedar Point to Build a Wing Roller Coaster in 2013

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Gatekeeper – Cedar Point’s 2013 Roller Coaster

UPDATE 8/13 – Cedar Point is scheduled to announce their new roller coaster today. See images and read about Cedar Point’s 2013 wing coaster Gatekeeper.

Today the Sandusky Register broke the news of Cedar Point’s 2013 roller coaster. No longer just a rumor, the $25 million ride will be a Bolliger & Mabillard wing coaster. Similar to this year’s X-Flight at Six Flags Great America (Chicago) and Wild Eagle at Dollywood (Pigeon Forge, TN), the ride will feature seats fixed to left and right of the track rather than above or below it.

Here’s more from the Sandusky Register:

Code-named “CP Alt.Winged,” the coaster will have the “longest drop, run the fastest and be the longest ride” of its kind, Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet wrote in Feb. 15 memo to Cedar Fair’s board of directors.

The total projected cost of the project is $25 million, a price that includes removing the park’s Space Spiral and Disaster Transport rides and restructuring the park entrance. – Sandusky Register

X-Flight at Six Flags Great America - Wing Rider CoasterReviews of X-Flight and Wild Eagle have been very positive so Cedar Point is likely going with a winning ride in this model. Another part of the news includes the demise of the park’s indoor bobsled roller coaster, Disaster Transport. According to the article, both Disaster Transport and the observation tower known as Space Spiral will be removed to make way for the new roller coaster.

Cedar Point’s 2013 Roller Coaster – The Sleeping Giant Awakens

Cedar Point’s reputation of being the place for the most, fastest, and tallest roller coasters has been downgraded a bit in recent years. At least by those in the know. They can no longer boast the World’s tallest (Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure) or fastest roller coaster (Formula Rossa at Ferrari World). The article does state the Cedar Point’s wing roller coaster will be the tallest (175 feet) and longest of any ride of its type. So they’re going to one-up early existing wing coasters so they’ll be able to stamp it with “World’s largest” and other superlatives even though it only applies to this kind of coaster.

Also, Cedar Point’s claim to fame as the park with most coasters has been matched and surpassed by Six Flags Magic Mountain. This new 2013 wing roller coaster and a rumored children’s ride (only a rumor right now) could place them in a statistical tie with Magic Mountain as they’ve got exciting 2013 plans of their own (Full Throttle – Rumored SFMM 2013 Coaster).

Cedar Point’s last new roller coaster was 2007’s Maverick. So by the time the park’s new wing coaster opens it’ll have been six years with out a new roller coaster. Let’s hope that this record-setting wing coaster is worth the wait.

What’s You Take?
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  1. It's not going to be the fastest of its kind. That would mean it would go faster than furius baco (an intamin winged coaster) that goes over 85 mph…

    They probably mean the fastest B&M winged coaster, they should specify…

    • How do you know how fast it will go ? I don't think there's a universal speed limit of 85 mph for these types of coasters. I'd say that if the engineers are saying it will be the fastest, then it probably will be the fastest.

    • Also what About X2 at Magic Mountain…Its a "winged" 4D coaster…with a 90° first drop of 200 feet this coaster is only 175 feet…and on X2 the seats rotate…IMO out of the 90 coasters I have ridden X2 is by far the coolest…

  2. This is going to be awesome! Hopefully they will incorporate the water into the ride, since Disaster Transport is right on the side of Lake Erie.

  3. Once again, I visit a park, the next year: awesome new coaster. Where should I go next?

    • Visit Carowinds please!

      • just went yesterday literally no lines rode intimidator 8 times in a row without getting off

        • I believe I have a timeshare down there.

  4. I remember hearing a while back about B&M track showing up near the park. I'll definitely try to make it back to Sandusky next year to ride this thing.

  5. I'm so excited! I might actually go on Opening Day! I wonder what they are going to name it and what color its going to be

  6. If I'm not mistaken, Raptor, Mantis, Mean Streak, and Wicked Twister were all largest of their kind when built, not to mention Gemini, Magnum, Millenium, and Dragster each breaking height and speed records. So Cedar point has a tendency to do things like this.

  7. Going there in 2013. Excited for this ride

  8. this ride already sounds amazing and knowing Cedar Fair's management this will not be a ride that'll be copied and pasted across their parks like Six Flags does. Plus the details make the ride sound like a reason to vist Cedar Point within the next year.

  9. im excited about this coaster for cedar point it gives me a reason to visit again next year now for carowinds to get one lol i'll be elated!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I didn't think it would be launched, but to beat 85mph, it would have to be that. Unless it's going to have a huge first drop, which I doubt…

  11. I like that the park is going to build this wing coaster, but i still think they could have found room somehwere else for this and not have to remove space spiral and disaster transport. I really hope they bring back atleast one of the 2 in the future.

  12. I think that is a great addition because I rode X Flight and I really enjoyed it i think it was a excellent move way to go CP the only other coaster I would want is a 500 foot launched coaster

  13. The announcement will take place on August 13 at 3:30 PM. 3 rumored names for the coaster are The Gatekeeper, Lotan, and Typhon.

    True facts

  14. Isnt Skyrush technically the tallest coaster with winged seats?

    • those are barely off the edge although it is an incredible ride

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