What Roller Coaster Would You Ride in a Coaster Marathon?

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Pepsi Max Big One - Pleasure Beach BlackpoolWhile I make it a goal to try to ride new roller coasters as much as possible, there are other enthusiasts that pride themselves in having 100 or even 1,000 rides on a single roller coaster. Last month, Kings Island celebrated a 70-year old man’s 7,000th ride on Diamondback. Could there be a better testament to B&M’s smooth rides?

Roller Coaster Marathons – A Test of Coaster Riding Endurance

Every year, I hear of a roller coaster marathon where contestants try to outlast each other by riding a coaster for hours and sometimes days. For example, Six Flags Over Georgia recently had a contest where riders were given a season pass if they could endure 10 hours of continuous rides on their old woodie Great American Scream Machine.

On the extreme other end of the coaster riding spectrum, back in 2007 Robert Rodriguez set a Guiness record after 17 days of riding Arrow hyper coaster Pepsi Max Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (pictured above). Apparently, he had 5 minute breaks every full hour to eat, shower, and use a restroom.

I couldn’t imagine riding the same roller coaster for even an hour. Especially a looping coaster of any kind. In the ‘G-Force Giants’ episode of Insane Coaster Wars that I was a part of, there was a young girl that was going for a record number of rides on B&M inverted coaster, Afterburn. She rode it 26 times in a row! I’m a big fan of Afterburn and for an invert it’s not the roughest, but those g-forces are no joke. When I’ve filmed there, I’ve been glad that we didn’t have to ride more than 6 or 7 times in a short period of time.

“I Could Ride This All Day” – “Could You Really?”

Many of my favorite roller coasters are intense enough that I wouldn’t want any more than probably a dozen rides in a day. If I had to pick a coaster, it’d probably be a B&M hyper coaster like Apollo’s Chariot. I remember Bert Kriescher from Bert the Conqueror noting how smooth Carowinds’ Intimidator was. “I could ride this all day,” he said. I almost agree, but even that ride’s final helix is forceful enough to make me question that idea.

I would think that the way to go would be something smooth and not too forceful. Geauga Lake’s defunct woodie Raging Wolf Bobs (the re-tracked version I rode) was a great example of ride that’d be on my short list of full-sized roller coasters I’d attempt to ride continuously.

Would you do a roller coaster marathon? What kind of roller coaster or specific coaster would you want to ride in a coaster marathon? Leave a comment below. Image via CC – Flickr User – Ingy the Wingy


  1. I would choose Thunderbolt at SFNE. There it has a little airtime, but is mostly devoid of intensity. For a wooden coaster of its age, it sure is smooth!

  2. Now, as far as the last coaster in the world i'd want to ride marathon style, I'd say Space Mountain. Something about constant dark, flashing lights, slower speeds, I really think it would make me seasick…

  3. Despite the strong G forces, I actually could marathon Nemesis at Alton Towers, at least in the front row. I managed to ride it consecutively 8 times when I was there without a headache or anything, I only stopped because it started to get a queue.

  4. It would need to be a coaster that is entertaining, but not too forceful on the body. I usually prefer Intamin coasters because their airtime is stronger, but if I had to ride one for a marathon I'd have to go with a B&M hyper. More specifically Nitro or Apollos Chariot. Both are fun rides, but aren't that demanding.

  5. I cant marathon on a coaster to much. I once marathoned on flight deck at Ki 10 times in a row without a break sheeesh it was inttense and after that i had to take a 45 min.break

  6. My favorite coaster is Top Thrill Dragster but I would ride my second favorite Millennium Force.

  7. I'd have to agree with the CC. After finally getting to ride Apollo's Chariot (front seat no less), I can see why he rates the ride so highly. Smooth airtime machines are where it's at. Glad I finally have gotten around to experiencing multiple hypercoasters (Florida seriously needs one).

    If I had to pick one from a Florida park, it would probably be Cheetah Hunt. Graceful definitely is a word that defines that coaster. I could ride it all day easily.

  8. TTD, KK, Nitro or I305

  9. Honestly if I were to do a coaster marathon I'd ride "Mystery Mine" at Dollywood. The G-Forces arent too extreme and I just find it more fun each time! Not only that but its really smooth.

  10. I could go on 'Dominator' at Kings Dominion and 'Alpengeist' at Busch Gardens as many times as my body could stand; they are just great rides!

  11. It would probably be a choice between Nitro and Intimidator 305. Although my favorite coaster is El Toro, which I've ridden over 70 times, I don't know that I could do it for a marathon, as the airtime on the last drop is extremely intense. Nitro and Intimidator are both easy to ride, with Intimidator probably being a little easier because it doesn't have the helix.

  12. This sounds stupid for many, but Cyclone at SFNE.

  13. I would say something not too forcefull and with comfortable restraints, like a Morgan Hypercoaster such as Mamba or Wild Thing.

  14. Well, I love my coasters. Millennium Force is definitely on the top of my list; when I lived in Michigan, I would drive down to Cedar Point on the weekends. Now, I am curious how their new ride, Gatekeeper, will be! I will admit that I have ridden Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia 35 consecutive times, and I only stopped because the special event was over… darn it. I plan to do my first marathon on June 7th at SFOG – this year, they are running the Mind Bender for 9 hours!

  15. … but I’m even down for Mean Streak at Cedar Point if it is for a really good cause… let’s do it!

  16. The New Texas Giant wouldn’t be a bad choice. Not much lateral Gs. Super smooth, though your thighs might hurt after a couple rides.

  17. I actually did ride a coaster for an hour, stopping only to get off and get back in the less than 1 min. long line, so it basically was nonstop. The ride was Tennessee Tornado, the 75-mph looping coaster at dollywood.

  18. I would do the Mantis or Raptor at Cedar Point both my favorite rides of all time! But I have only been to Cedar Point, Kennywood, and Disney world.

    • For a marathon

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  20. I have participated in the ghosting for kids marathon for the past four years. The most consecutive rides was 72 in six hours on Steel Force. I have also managed to get 72 rides in one weekend on The Thunderhead at Dollywood, but it was not a special event. Right now, I am waiting for nightfall at Kings Island where I plan to get as many night rides on The Beast as possible before the park closes at 1 AM. Here’s hoping that all of these people leave the coaster lines and go to the haunts for the evening!

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