Six Flags St. Louis to Get Boomerang Roller Coaster for 2013

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Wrapping up Six Flags’ new roller coasters for 2013 is Six Flags St. Louis’ Boomerang. It’s one of the many Vekoma looping shuttle roller coasters (known as boomerangs). These coasters feature a cobra roll and a vertical loop that riders experience forwards and then backwards. Six Flags St. Louis’ Boomerang was formerly Flashback at sister park, Six Flags Over Texas. It will open in Spring 2013 the park’s Illinois section.

Here’s a teaser video for Boomerang at Six Flags St. Louis:

My Take on Boomerang at Six Flags St. Louis

I just visited Six Flags St. Louis for the first time in July. I’d have to imagine that it’s one of the smaller parks in the chain. Flashback - Six Flags New EnglandThis is not a knock, just an observation. I liked the look of the park and the green hilly terrain around it. While Vekoma boomerang coasters are found all over the World, it should be new or at least a welcomed addition to most locals. Your average theme park-goer should find it satisfying enough.

Some have pointed out that another Missouri theme park, Worlds of Fun, also has an identical ride by the same name. I guess it is a bit surprising that Six Flags won’t be opting for a different name so that the ride can distinguish itself, but it must not be a priority. It’d be great if SFTL’s Boomerang gets the same new restraints that Carolina Cobra received. They greatly reduce the headbanging that occurs with the typical Vekoma horse collar restraints.

What’s your take on Six Flags St. Louis’ Boomerang? Leave a comment below and vote in this first impression poll. Image courtesy of CoasterImage. Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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  1. I had heard they were also contemplating an Intamin zacspin, which I wish they would’ve went with. Green Lantern is crazy and would take the same amount of space as this thing. Flashback should have just been scrapped or sold to a smaller park elsewhere.

  2. I heard that the old trains will remain in use.

  3. I also think that they should have went with an Intamin Zacspin. While sometimes painful, they are very fun rides. I have ridden Green Lantern:FF and I have had one of the best roller coaster rides ever and also one of the most painful experiences I have ever had at a theme park. But I would still say it is a much better coaster than a Boomerang, and it takes minimal space.

  4. Have fun with the Boomarang AKA the FLASHBACK it was sad to see it go last night. We had a closing cermony for it and everything here in Texas. I wish I would of worked that ride.

  5. Let's just say this addition doesn't increase this parks position on my 'parks to visit' list 🙂

  6. I actually rode my first Boomerang only recently: the Zoomerang at Lake Compounce.

    It was OK. I've heard lots of bad things about them, but this one wasn't unusually rough for a steel looper, and the inversions were a bit more forceful than I expected. I think my favorite thing about it was the experience of being pulled backwards up the lift.

    I think the major knock against these things is just that they're so common that coaster fans have gotten bored with them, but most park visitors don't have this problem.

    • My thoughts exactly. I don't run to these rides, in fact I saw a sizable line for SFOT's Flashback last year and I skipped it all together because I've ridden other boomerang coasters. But, to most park visitors they are a decent addition.

      Say what you will coaster fans, but in my dream park I'd have one of these WITH the improved restraints and with some kind of themed tunnels on one of the ends. Believe it or not it'd be on some park guests' favorite rides lists!

      • You should do a post on your dream coaster park (if you haven't already). How many coasters would you have? and what coasters would they be?

      • I probably wouldn't wait in a long line to go on one of these, either, but I strolled right on the Zoomerang; I think the only coaster with a line that day was Boulder Dash. All sorts of things become more attractive when they're walk-ons!

  7. I have been riding this coaster (formerly known as “The Flashback”) since I was a kid. I have to say, it’s a very fast and fun ride! I am sad to see it go but glad it is being relocated. It’s got scream factor for sure. 🙂

  8. My rides on flashback at SFNE have been rough and painful, especially because I get nauseous after riding a ride backwards. I agree with others. I zacspin would be better, but i did feel a little bit of pride seeing flashback in the promo viedeo.

    Oh yeah, and I have stopped going on boomerangs because the last time I went on Flashback with my friend, I ate half a bucket of popcorn in line, and made the mistake of going on catapult (if you know what Catapult at Six Flags New England is, you should know where i'm going with this). When we were being lowered down at the end of the fun ride, which i still enjoy, the popcorn came out the way it came and fell down around 50 feet to the rocks below.

  9. I just rode Boomerang, it is a lot smoother than you would think. It was actually smoother than Ninja.


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