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Theme Park Hype – Social Link & News Sharing Site

I could use some help running Theme Park Hype. It’s a social link and news sharing site that I launched last year. At Hype, people can submit theme park-related news, links to sites, videos, and pretty much anything that they think other fans would be interested in. While it takes just a little work to manage  I still underestimated how busy I’d be. So, here’s your opportunity to help join the team!

What I’m Looking For

I can get into the details with candidates, but for now I could use a few people that would like to submit a few links a week and approve other links and comments. That’s really all. It’d only take a few minutes a day. For a pretty inactive site, Theme Park Hype’s Twitter account has seen steady growth and re-tweets  So, I think that there’s interest in this site. I’ve just been too busy to give it more attention.

Got a little free time and want to contribute to a fun site? Want to possibly represent the site at a theme park media event? Contact me here with your name and email address. There really aren’t many prerequisites. If you’re a theme park fan, have a basic grasp of the English language, and can follow a few rules then you’re qualified.

An Invitation to All – Got Something Hype-Worthy?

I’m re-opening registrations, so if you have anything, (even something you’ve created) feel free to head on over to Hype and submit it. As with this site, no amateur on-ride videos shot without permission will be approved. There are a number of categories including: videos, images, reviews, rumors, opinion articles, trip reports, top 10 lists, resources, games, and more. Just click the big green Submit button in the sidebar to register and get started. In case you want a little guidance, Getting Started is here.

Theme Park Hype - Social Link & News Sharing

Founder of My favorite coasters are B&M hypers and gigas. I’m also a huge fan of terrain roller coasters.


  1. Thanks to those who have contacted me about helping out with Hype.

  2. I thought about signing up for this but can't even navigate the site; it's beyond me. Can someone please tell me what this beautiful coaster shown to the right of the article on Theme Park Hype is? I don't recognize it and the fact that I can't find it named anywhere on the page is driving me mad. Here's the link:

    • Which image on which site? Do you mean the background image on If so, that looks like Iron Rattler.

      • I thought that it was on Theme Park Hype but may be wrong. Yes, it is the background image. I just looked up Iron Rattler on the web and Iron Rattler it is. Thank you!


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