El Loco Roller Coaster Coming to Adventuredome in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas to Get an Ultra-Steep ‘El Loco’ Roller Coaster

Adventuredome Theme Park - Las Vegas - New Roller CoasterThe Adventuredome at Circus Circus in Las Vegas is adding a new roller coaster called El Loco. Built by S&S Worldwide, the compact looping coaster will boast a beyond-vertical drop and a layout at least somewhat similar to Steel Hawg at Indiana Beach. According to Screamscape, this coaster will be somewhat of an upgrade over that earlier ride with on-board audio and more open seating.

El Loco will join Canyon Blaster, a cool-looking custom Arrow looper and Miner Mike, a kiddie coaster. Adventuredome is targeting a December 2013 opening for the ride.

Last week, the park posted a rendering of what the ride will look like once it’s built on their Facebook page.
El Loco Roller Coaster - Adventuredome at Circus Circus - Las Vegas

I still haven’t made it to Las Vegas, but at least when I do, I’ll have another roller coaster to check out. Are you excited about this new roller coaster? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I’m going to kinda miss the Rim Runner Arrow shoot the chutes ride it’s replacing but, still seems like a really good fit for this park. Good to see some good coaster news out of Vegas for the first time in many years.

  2. The layout of this coaster looks really fantastic!

  3. I've never ridden an El Loco but think they look awesome. Seems like a great investment for that space, both compact and exciting.

  4. I rode Steel Hawg at Indiana Beach in 2012. It was a very fun well-paced coaster with some quirky turns, nice inversions. and it gave a really smooth ride. This should be a hit at Adventuredome.

  5. it may look small but ill tell you it will be fast

  6. Great to see a new exciting coaster after all this time for the Adventuredome and Las Vegas. The Rim Runner was always a very very wet ride for an indoor space. Always felt it should have been a log ride size instead. No way to dry off from Rim Runner so I can’t miss it too much. Hopefully El Loco will be as smooth as it appears. Very happy.

  7. Canyoun blaster was my first ever looping coaster. And now this? Stop spoiling me adventuredome

  8. Visiting Las Vegas again late next year & am looking forward to riding this! It’s got to be better (smoother) than the Manhattan Express at New York New York!

  9. Epic loco is so funny. It looks scary but if u actually go on it you will have. A blast


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