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Silver Dollar City opened Outlaw Run opened recently and some early reviews are popping up all over the web. I’ve been following this ride’s developments for months so I was eager to here how it’s being received.  A reader of the blog, Daryl, was lucky enough to be on the very first train carrying public riders. He sent in this great review and a photo.

Outlaw Run Reviews - Silver Dollar CityMe and my daughter Kendra decided the night before Outlaw Run was to open to try to be early in line, so we wouldn’t have to wait in long line. We arrived at the park around 7:30 a.m. and there was a line already of about 30 people. When we got to the front of the queue line about ten people had bailed out of line and another 6-8 had gone to the front row line, leaving us to get on the first public train if we chose to. So, me and the daughter dashed to the back of the train to make sure we got on.

We made it and my daughter about “chickened out”. She was scared, never been upside down before. The ride starts with a very quick lift hill. Before you know it your at the top.

I really like that it doesn’t go straight into the descent. You hook to the left and then drop. The drop is so steep it looks like you go inwards, you reach maximum speed very quickly, and maintain it throughout the ride till the barrel rolls.

The banked curve is quick. In fact there is no time to catch your breath anywhere on this ride. It is not a long ride, but the ride more than makes up for it in the amount of non-stop features in the layout. All of the features are great on the ride, but my favorite part (after 3 rides) is the twist and turn through the lift hill followed by the wave turn. The wave turn in amazing, like hanging on a wall sideways at highway speed!

Outlaw Run Opens at Silver Dollar City

The barrel roll is really cool too. But, you loose a lot of speed through this feature as it is on a uphill. I truly love this ride. There is nothing I can say bad about it. The designers did an outstanding job in developing a ride that has so much in it, in such a short footprint!

I have been on a lot of coasters in my life, I am 44 now. This one is now number 1 on my list of favorites. It is really hard to put this coaster into any words, it really leaves you breathless and speechless and wanting more. The only thing I can come up in describing it is “totally controlled insanity at its best”. There is nothing like the view in the front, its insane. The back though, seems to be way more airtime, the ride is wanting to pull you out, which is a great feeling when you are not going anywhere.

– Daryl B.

First let me say that Outlaw Run is amazing! It packs more action into each foot of track than I think almost any other roller coaster in the world! It’s like the “Batman” of wooden roller coasters! From the first drop to the brake run, the coaster does not let up! There is no place to catch your breath on Outlaw Run until the end! Quite simply, if Outlaw Run isn’t in the top five wooden roller coasters in the world next year, I’ll be shocked!

Robb Alvey

Here’s a complete POV video for Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City:

Note – For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster without permission from the park. Also, here’s an Off-Ride and Reverse POV Video.

Alvey also went on to say that there were “at least four moments of serious air” and also that, as weird as it may sound, that the inversions seemed natural. Almost like if you never knew wooden coasters didn’t have loops that you’d think that they were supposed to be there. This ride sounds and looks incredible! I’m hoping to get out to Missouri and check out this ride for myself.

Visit Silver Dollar City’s website for more information about the park and Outlaw Run.

What’s Your Take?
Have you been out to Silver Dollar City to ride Outlaw Run? What’d you think? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I wasn’t expecting such positive reviews! I’ll certainly be putting Silver Dollar City on my list of parks to visit! And, I was thinking. If Outlaw Run is this good, how much better will Iron Rattler be?

  2. I was there on opening weekend and generally agree with the comments. The ride is very fast, has some strong positive and negative forces, and does not let up throughout the course. It makes excellent use of the terrain and looks like its part of the landscape.

    The teaser dip and curve at the beginning nicely set up the first drop. But the first drop does take a while to develop. There is no yank as one would expect. Rather, the drop begins slowly then suddenly becomes very steep and accelerates so you feel like you are diving head first The closest comparison I have is Maverick’s first drop.

    The bizarre turn/inversion that follows actually works. After roaring up hill and turning left, the train hits straight track, but then rolls to the right, dumps you upside down, then rolls left upright again. It’s a neat sensation, followed by a swooping drop to the left.

    Perhaps the best part of the ride is when it cuts back through the lift and delivers an unexpectedly deep drop into a ravine, followed by an air-time hill that is over-banked to the right and which suspends you in space for what seems like a long time.

    The finishing barrel rolls are fun, but the second one is a bit slow so you are left hanging as the train slowly rights itself before hitting the brakes. It may give some riders a headache.

    While the ride is great, the trains and restraints are not. The worst aspect is that extra cross bar that rubs against your shins. I have one friend who found it so painful he could not ride Outlaw Run more than once. For me it was just extremely annoying and uncomfortable. If I lifted my feet up so only my toes touched the floor, I was able to avoid contact with it, but by the time I got back to the station, my hips were killing me from the effort.

    So the ride itself is great, but it’s an effort for me to find the best riding position, which makes it less fun. Hopefully SDC will receive enough complaints that they will remove or at least modify those cross bars.

  3. I’m just mad I won’t be able to ride this. In 2012, I actually went to Silver Dollar City and saw the construction being done on the coaster. It was announced at that time, and I could only guess about it. I took some pictures and put them on Coaster Force…

  4. As exciting as this ride seems, it’s certainly bizzare. I figured the reviews would be mixed, but they seem mostly (if not all) positive! I hope more of these types of coasters are built, as Missouri isn’t exactly a short trip for me… Looks great for Silver Dollar City though!

  5. As a 63-year-old Grandpa of six, I was determined to go the first day it opened. Great ride! Enjoyed every second of the 70-second ride!

  6. Just got back from a weekend trip to Missouri that included SDC and SFStL with the first ride of the trip being this bad boy. Outlaw Run is easily in my top five for woodies now. It was a bit short, but honestly if they had added some extra elements just to increase the ride length they would have risked losing the near perfect pacing of this ride. Everything just seems to flow naturally as it fly’s though the course and the speed of this thing really never let’s up. The analogy of being the Batman of woodie’s is right on the money, short, sweet, and fairly intense. The double barrell roll was actually my least favorite part of the ride as it finally burns off it’s momentum when it hits it, while on the flip side the best moment in my opinion was the 153 followed by the wave turn. There was way more air on that wave turn than I anticipated and the 153 seems like it’s trying to dump you out of the train yet it’s very natural. Just a side note here, while there have been some negative reports about the restraints, I’ll say they that while they could be softened up a bit, I’ve come across much worse. Silver Dollar City definately has a winner on their hands, just an excellent ride.

  7. Absolutely the most painful experience I have ever had on a coaster. I am 6’3″ and that shinbar…well, if you like the impact of getting kicked in the shins really hard lasting for 3 minutes, then this is the ride for you. I didn’t. What were the designers thinking???

  8. Insane! You think, wooden coaster, nothin. Wrong! I’m a big guy,(330 lbs) and couldn’t ride wildfire or powderkeg,(I’ve ridden both before) but was able to ride outlaw run (barely) and it more than made up for them both.

  9. We experienced Outlaw Run on Thirsday, August 1st, 2013. We sat toward the middle front of the ride and man was it a ride! Fast, steep, mind blowing adventure! It was scarier than the scariest wood coaster I had ever experienced which was ElToro at Six Flags in New Jersey. HOWEVER, this coaster NEEDS head rests BADLY!!! The second time my kids rode it, they sat in the back and both of the girls hurt their neck being jerked around so much, my 14 year old was unable to move for 2 days and in serious pain! It took a good dose of muscle relaxers to make her functional again and she is still recovering from her injury. My prediction, they will have to put in head rests soon because someone is going to get hurt badly! Oh and a place to hang on would be good too, no hand rail all!

  10. I have always loved Rollercoasters and couldn’t wait for
    Outlaw Run. After the first ride it will sadly be my last. I am 6’2″ and the leg restraints locked up so awkwardly I was in so much pain I couldn’t wait for the ride to stop. I have been active as an athlete and a H.S. Coach for years, so I was embarrassed to hardly be able to walk after the ride and had to leave the park early. Luckily
    I live in the area and have seasons passes, sad thing is Outlaw Run is exactly as its name implies and I want nothing to do with Outlaws or rides named after them. Jack please change the restraints I implore you!!!!!!

  11. I agree. Needs headrests badly!!! Rode it for the first time yesterday and my neck is killing me today, as I knew it would be the minute I got off the ride. It happened early in the ride. Thought my head was going to pop off my shoulders. I won’t ride again until headrests are added.

  12. I don’t know how this ride has not been shut down yet. It is neck braking, literally, and ridiculous that proper head and neck support has not been installed. If I had any warning about this I would not have set foot on this ride.


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