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Thunderbolt Reborn - Luna Park
Luna Park announced that they’ll be building a new roller coaster that’s a bridge to Coney Island’s past. The new Thunderbolt will be a 125 feet tall steel looping coaster with speeds of 65 mph. The original Thunderbolt was a wooden roller coaster designed by John A. Miller and it operated at Coney Island from 1925 to 1982. Then it sat idle until it was torn down in 2000.

Check out this video of the new Thunderbolt roller coaster coming to Luna Park:

There’s a lot going on in this rides compact layout. First off, I really like the vertical lift idea. If you notice in the video, it looks like riders will get to start the ascent facing the ocean and then the cars will be turned around and placed on the track. That’s a pretty cool way to start the ride. Then the out and back layout with (what looks to be) three loops and airtime hills make for a pretty action-packed little ride.

I would’ve preferred a re-incarnated version of the old Thunderbolt, but a compact steel looper probably makes a lot more sense from a business standpoint. It’ll take up less space allowing room for more rides and it’ll be cheaper to maintain.

Learn more at Luna Park’s web site.

What’s Your Take?
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  1. I really wish they would have come up with a new name instead of calling it the “New” Thunderbolt. Unlike the “New” Texas Giant, the “New” Thunderbolt neither resembles or shares anything with the original other than the word Thunderbolt.

  2. I’m not yet sold, especially on the 3-across seating.

  3. This actually looks like a great addition to Luna Park’s lineup! It looks like it’ll be their first coaster that really screams high thrill, and hopefully it’s a sign that the park will eventually become a major draw for coaster enthusiasts and thrill seekers.

  4. I am going to try the Cyclone for my 1st time today.
    I grew up about 1/2 hour away and never went yet.
    I will be happy to see a new coaster there so I have an excuse to go back next year.

    • I was not surprised how good it was but I was surprised how she was not rough at all. I rode the middle and she has nice air on every drop/hill. Now it’s 9 bucks a ride, and they no longer do multi ride discounts.
      That little Steeplechase launch coaster was cool. It has the craziest seating I have seen. It was like riding a carousel horse on a coaster. Very powerful short launch. It felt like 0 to about 40 in 1or 2 seconds.
      I missed Soaring eagles because it was down for the morning.

  5. I’m rather sorry that the Thunderbolt isn’t going to be reconstructed, as it has some sentimental value for me. When the Cyclone was condemned and scheduled for demolition, I made a pilgrimage from Philly to Brooklyn in order to ride it. This must have been circa 1971 or 1972. While there, I also rode the Thunderbolt and at the time thought that it was a great ride. Don’t know what I would think now, having been spoiled by woodies such as El Toro and Outlaw Run, but I remember the trip to Coney Island fondly. That was the last time I ever got on a roller coaster until late in 2010.

  6. I was disappointed that it wasn’t going to be a recreation of the original Thunderbolt by either RMC (which would have been amazing IMHO), TGG or GCI and instead a Zamperla steel coaster. Don’t get me wrong, the ride looks good, but when they said Thunderbolt Reborn, I don’t think of a steel coaster like this, so I’m with you on that CC, but if RMC re-imagined it, it would likely be easily a world class ride (and also be somewhat cheaper to maintain with their Topper Track)fitting in a park with such a legendary ride (Coney Island Cyclone).
    but the whole cheaper point I don’t agree with, the lift is why (I think) it costs so much, and the maintenance will be pretty expensive if something goes wrong with it.
    All in all, while a pretty cool looking ride, it just feels like (to me) they’re taking the cheaper path and not truly paying heritage to the park’s past,
    That’s just my two cents in the topic

  7. This thing looks really cool and potentially a lot of fun. I’m not quite sold 100% on it yet though with the fact that it’s a Zamperla…

  8. I saw the new Thunderbolt at Coney Island yesterday it’s gonna be really sweet. It has some really funky looking moves. It was supposed to open Saturday but of course no. They claim maybe next weekend. I say no way bcuz there were men working on it from a man-lift and no testing done yet, so I hear…
    Regardless it will be well worth the wait.


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