Why Roller Coasters Make Us Scream Infographic


A few months ago, I was contacted by the Washington Post to help out with an article in their Health & Science section. The article looks at the forces that are in play when we ride roller coasters and also some current and possibly upcoming trends in the industry. The article was created by Bonnie Berkowitz and Laura Stanton. It appeared in the July 2nd edition of the print paper.

Roller Coaster Infographic - Washington Post

Visit the infographic to see what’s happening to our bodies during the different elements on roller coasters and “Why Roller Coasters Make Us Scream”.

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  1. The fact that the loop is taller than the lift hill is really bothering me. I don’t know why the people behind much of popular media insist on creating likenesses of roller coasters which do not follow the basic laws of physics and ride engineering. Congrats on yet another media appearance, CC.

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