Great America's Goliath to be Tallest, Fastest Wooden Coaster

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Six Flags Great America has announced a record-breaking new roller coaster, Goliath. The ride will break three World records for wooden coasters. Goliath will be the fastest wooden roller coaster reaching speeds of 72 miles-per-hour, it’ll have the tallest drop on a wooden roller coaster (180 feet), and it will have the steepest drop on a wooden roller coaster at 85 degrees.

Here’s an animated POV video of Goliath at Six Flags Great America:

Goliath will top former wooden record holder for speed and height, Six Flags Great Adventure’s El Toro. It will be built in the area where stand-up coaster Iron Wolf was located.

It’s not officially announced, but Goliath looks to be a Rocky Mountain wooden coaster like Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City. Like Outlaw Run, it’s going to provide some insane maneuvers like overbanked turns, a dive loop, and the neat-looking “inverted zero g stall” at 41 seconds. That “stall” is like a zero-g roll that doesn’t complete the roll. It looks like an awesome element!

I loved Outlaw Run this year and I included it in my Top Ten. I wouldn’t be surprised if Goliath was worthy of joining my top coasters as well. I will say that I’m bored by the theme, but all is forgiven since this ride will have two tunnels. The underground dives more than make up for the unoriginal theme.
Goliath - Six Flags Great America - 2014 Roller Coaster Layout
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  1. this EASILY makes up for X-Flight, which I still dislike so much, and that Zero-G-Stall seems like an evolution of the outside-banked turn on Outlaw Run. While the name is unoriginal, it’s better than Medusa Steel Coaster (and I thought that China had unoriginal names), another RMC creation, which also looks just as good.

  2. A b&m wing coaster then a RMC Woodie two years later. Some parks get all the good stuff….

  3. Looks very good, but in complete honesty I was really hoping this would have more airtime hills

  4. With a first drop of 180 feet I expected a longer course to burn off that momentum but it’s not that surprising given the space they have to work with. Too bad I can’t really justify going to Chicago 2 years in a row, I thought for sure it would take longer than 2 years for them to add another major coaster. Oh well, I’ll be back to check this out eventually. Hopefully this is the signature coaster I thought they were lacking previously as Raging Bull, X-Flight, and Viper were all really good but not great in my opinion.

  5. This will probably be the best of the 2014 roller coasters. I’m almost tempted to go to Illinois next year – even though I’m all the way in New England.

    • the best ride of 2014 is going to be Banshee, but this comes in a close third, barley beating Medusa Steel Coaster and Helix, but losing to Heide Park’s Wingy.

      • But who knows? It could be as forceless as talon. BTW RMC coasters beat B and M inverts any day. I hope it is as good as you say it is going to be, but the chances of the coaster being as forceful as Montu are low.

  6. Another quality woodie for America, im so jealous. Hopefully the Uk cant ignore this trend for much longer as im beginning to get abit sick of see all these wonderful new rides being built everywhere but the UK

  7. SFGAM’s proposed new wood coaster Goliath looks like it ought to be promising. I’m assuming that SFGAM will have a record of most wood coasters in one park… the other 3 wood coaster being American Eagle (twin racing wood coaster), Viper (mirror image clone of iconic Coney Island Cyclone), and Little Dipper (kiddie/family coaster). I picture Viper possibly getting RMC iron horse transformation sometime in the near future.

    Of the other Six Flags parks:

    I hear that SFMM will be running Batman: The Ride and Colossus backwards… as well as getting water park expansion, and children’s area expansion… SFMM’s new 19th coaster being a kiddie coaster.

    SFNE is getting a 400ft tall SkyScreamer ride. SFA is getting Rajin’ Cajun spinning coaster, but not exactly sure if it’s a clone of the SFGAM coaster, or if it’s indeed going to be a hand-me-down from the Gurnee, Illinois park. SFM’s Medusa is getting RMC iron horse transformation. Most other Six Flags parks seeing water park and children’s area expansions.

    SFGADV is indeed getting Zumanjaro: Drop Of Doom, which will be added to the Kingda Ka coaster support tower structure. Unfortunately, Rolling Thunder will be giving its last rides on September 8. It would be my hope that SFGADV gets a new Premier Rides or Gerstlauer coaster to be housed in the soon-to-be former Rolling Thunder spot… as well as getting either a GCI all wood and/or RMC iron horse coaster later on.

    SFOG is getting its own Hurricane Harbor water park, to fill the vacancy of the recently departed Southern Star Amphitheatre… SFWW (Six Flags White Water) is a nearby stand-alone water park… and this one has me scratching my head. I’m probably not the only one scratching my head on this one either. Can’t really tell if Six Flags is considering the possibility of closing or selling White Water, and also can’t tell if several of the popular attractions (like new Typhoon Twister, Tornado, and Run-A-Way River/Cliffhanger) could be relocated over to the SFOG property.

  8. This easily looks like the best ride announced for 2014 so far. It looks absolutely incredible. What did you expect, it’s RMC.

  9. Looks really cool but it’s short

  10. I use WordPress and would like to know how do you displayed your posts in a slideshow style on your homepage? Does the feature come with your theme or is it a premium feature?

    • It’s a feature of the theme that I’m using. If you’re using a blog hosted at, then you’re limited to the themes that are available there. I’m hosting this site elsewhere so I can use any themes and/or plugins that I want. If you have more questions, shoot me an email joel[at]coastercritic[dot]com

  11. Glad I ended up delaying my trip to Chicago until next year!

  12. This will be a great ride, no doubt, but I think El Toro will remain the best wooden coaster. There’s more air time and a longer ride experience. Goliath and Outlaw Run are both too short. I would like to see the elements featured on Goliath and Outlaw run put into El-Toro. Than no other wooden coaster would be able to beat it.

  13. Why does Six Flags recycle their coaster names so much? If I wasn’t a coaster enthusiast, I’d probably assume that all the Six Flags Parks had the same rides since so many rides have the same name. You’d think the money saved on theming could easily be made back if they marketed each “new” attraction as a completely unique experience including name. This has baffled me for years. This is just a vent though. Still highly excited to get on (this particular) Goliath next year!

  14. I think a REALLY good name for this ride would be the Conqueror. It fits with the smashing rock theme/spartan theme and this coaster really is a Conqueror! I mean, COME ON! This is the tallest, fastest, steepest wooden coaster on the planet and that name wasn’t chosen? I would have preferred the name Titan also. If they want to recycle the name, they could just take that ride name and it would still be better than the over-used “Goliath” name.

  15. This looks interesting enough to tempt me to visit Six Flags Great America for the first time. I agree, however, that using the name Goliath is redundant to the point of being boring – as boring as Six Flags using the names Superman and Batman ad nauseum. Also, does a new coaster have to be the tallest or steepest or in any way a record setter in order to be worth building? It’s gotten to be a case of oneupsmanship. I am reminded of when Dorney Park filed suit against Six Flags in federal court because Six Flags claimed that Texas Giant was the tallest wooden coaster whereas Dorney said that their Hercules held that distinction. The two parties ultimately agreed that Texas Giant had the tallest lift hill but Hercules had the longest drop. Who cares?

  16. I live in Illinois, but I’ve never been to Great America because I’ve always found their coaster line-up to be good, but not great. This ride, though, has convinced me to head up to Chicago in 2014. I love the preliminary videos I’ve seen for Goliath. However, like others have mentioned, I can’t believe Six Flags is naming yet ANOTHER coaster “Goliath.” Seriously? Give it some distinction by giving it a unique name.

  17. Son of Beast forever!!!

  18. Goliath (choking on that name, really Great America?, for a record breaking custom attraction it shares the name of at least three other coasters in the franchise?) will be a great addition to the park (running only two trains meaning lines will be forever, was there thought to capacity?) but everything seemed so ad hoc, the park seemed to pull it out of it’s ass at the last minute and the design wasn’t actually finalized until February? I drove past the park last weekend and it’s hardly ready for a late May opening. Will it surpass El Toro? Don’t know, it looks like an interesting design yet El Toro’s genius is in the details: the INTENSE out and back first half then shifting to an indescribable terrain twister. We’ll see. Goliath -cringing again at the meaninglessness of the name- seems like an afterthought stunt.

  19. I live in Chicago area and love Six Flags! I do agree with the comments about the name of this ride. I think Titan or Conqueror or something else would have been better. After all, Goliath was killed by a little boy with a sling and a stone! I will have that in the back of my mind when I first ride it. I also agree with the comments about length of the ride. I do still love the American Eagle because it’s so long and has lots of airtime.
    In all seriousness, I am a little concerned about the structural integrity of this ride, given it’s made out of wood. I am baffled as to how it can do the inversions, particularly the zero G roll, given the structure that it’s going to have. I will keep thinking “is this structure gonna break?” the whole time I’m on it. But I’m sure RMC did their homework and the engineers that designed this thing know what they’re doing.
    I haven’t ever ridden El Toro but it does look quite impressive from what I’ve seen. I’m more about airtime and hills and speed then inversions. I prefer B&M inversions. I think they make the best coasters (Raging Bull, X Flight, and of course Batman). But I’ve only ever been to Six Flags Great America so I’m biased.

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