Poll: Great Adventure Removes Rolling Thunder – Classic or Clunker?

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Six Flags Great Adventure to Remove Rolling Thunder

I’m still getting caught up with all of the Six Flags announcements. In the Zumanjaro Drop of Doom announcement, I noticed the mention of Rolling Thunder’s removal:

To make room for the newest addition to Six Flags Great Adventure, we must bid farewell to a classic. Rolling Thunder, our classic wooden coaster, will close to the public on September 8 to help make way for construction of the new ride. New technological advances and preferences have created a new generation of thrill rides, and Rolling Thunder’s popularity has decreased over the years. Be sure to tackle this coaster’s 85-foot drop and 10 dipping hills before it slips into history.

As I’m writing this post on September 8th, it’s probably too late for you to get that last ride. And, the park really only gave fans about a week and a half or so to say goodbye. There’s a poll to save Rolling Thunder, but I’ve never seen these efforts work. So at this point, we can basically consider Rolling Thunder a defunct roller coaster at this point.
Rolling Thunder Removed - Six Flags Great Adventure - Defunct Coaster

Your Take on Rolling Thunder’s Removal – Classic or Clunker?

I’ve ridden Rolling Thunder twice and each time only side was running. I experienced one of the roughest rides I’ve encountered in my travels. So, like Great American Scream Machine, I’m not really sad to see it go. But, I do know that there are some long time fans of the park that might have fond memories and consider it a classic wooden coaster. The poll to save the ride points out that it’s a great first roller coaster for kids.

What’s your take? Leave a comment and vote in the poll below.Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.Image courtesy of CoasterImage.


  1. There’s nothing wrong with the layout of this ride, the problem is clearly that they didn’t maintain it properly resulting in a very rough ride indeed. If they won’t fix it properly, they might as well remove it indeed.

  2. People who love Rolling Thunder…think to the future. A B and M wing coaster or a premier launch coaster could be built in its place. Who knows, a 4d coaster could end up in this spot too. So people… think to the future.

  3. I really liked this ride and I was sad when they sad that they would be removing it. But why would they need that much space for the new drop tower? Couldn’t they have built the que somewhere else?

  4. My first woodie. She was great in her day, but she has been painful for way too long and it is time for her to go.

  5. If you say she’s rough than it really is time to go. I’m sure Great Adventure is using that space wisely.

    And it’s not like out and back woodies, or even racing out and back woodies, will become extinct anytime soon.

  6. @1570626, Rolling Thunder is being taken out for the bamboo exhibit/que line for Zumanjaro’s drop. I a coaster would go somewhere else in the park.

    • I know but that won’t take up all of Rolling Thunder’s old space.

  7. oops I meant “I imagine a coaster would go somewhere else”.

  8. It would have been nice to see SFGADV’s Rolling Thunder transformed into a RMC hybrid (iron horse re-track)… the same type of transformation that SFOT’s Texas Giant and SFFT’s Iron Rattler got recently, and SFM’s Medusa is currently getting. It’s rumored that SFMM’s Colossus could be next in line for the RMC transformation. Guess that won’t be the case for Rolling Thunder.

    It would be my hope that SFGADV considers donating pieces of track and trains to the National Rollercoaster Museum and Archives… and that SFGADV gets a new wood or iron horse coaster later on, to make up for the departure of this iconic twin racing wood coaster.

    I could also picture SFGADV looking to add new steel coaster in the soon-to-be former Rolling Thunder location as well… either a Dare Devil Dive inspired euro-fighter by Gerstlauer… X-Flight inspired wing coaster by B&M… X2 inspired 4D coaster… or Full Throttle inspired launch coaster by Premier Rides.

  9. I’ve never ridden this ride, but it looks fun and I wish they would keep it and find another place to put their drop ride

  10. Since I can’t take over there is only one thing for me to really say, if you really love something, you have to let it go.
    Great Ride. Maybe we can see another wooden roller coaster or Premier Launched ride that goes right close to the safari!

  11. I really hope it’s a GIGA coaster

  12. If you sit in the very first row it isn’t rough at all and has some good airtime and is actually very fun and enjoyable. I had my last ride during the ACE event riding of the bull cinco where they held a goodbye ceremony and promised all who were at the event a piece of rolling thunder. I don’t understand why they have to remove this to put a drop tower INSIDE Kingda Ka. Don’t tell me they are seriously removing this classic to put in a queue line??????

  13. Two of the coasters that I didn’t ride in my one trip to Great adventure are now gone or in the process of leaving. I can’t say I’m disappointed I didn’t ride them as I don’t ride coasters for “the count.” Probably a good thing if these coasters don’t give good rides. Everything must pass, even roller coasters.


    – Prince Desmond

    But seriously, is there any indication that the coaster will be put up for sale? Probably not, considering the condition it’s in.

  15. @Joel/Coaster Critic
    It worked when they said the Whizzer would be removed at SFGAM

  16. Apparently Great Adv did a lot of retracking because other than one pothole feeling dip and the godawful screeching around the main turnaround, the ride was running beautifully on September 7th for Riding of the Bull. Even from the second to last seat, I was pleased with my experience on RT for the first time since around 1993. I am sad to see it go because I think a full rehab could have made this ride a true gem. And I hate drop towers too, so of all the things they could have put in its place, a low capacity, huge tower is just about the worst. The park has just one wood coaster now…

    I guess Rolling Thunder kind of doesn’t fit in to the two main types of rides Great Adventure has (the craziest thrill rides possible and junior rides), and since it was so far gone by the time the idea of rehab might have been tossed around, I understand the decision. I just think something better could have been done.

  17. What Six Flags said translated, “Sorry guys, to make the TALLEST DROP TOWER IN THE WORLD happen, we are getting rid of our only classic wooden coaster. But it’s okay, because we are replacing it with a path full of smelly, cute baboons, and we will build more BIG & MODERN rides instead.”

  18. I was kind of dumb listening to the employee at Six flags a few weeks ago spreading the rumor that Rolling Thunder is closing, and I thought, “great, they’re Rocky Mountaining it,” and then leaving the park.

  19. Keep the old woodie, fix AND MAINTAIN IT!!!

  20. What I don’t get is why they did some massive re-tracking to make almost the whole ride run wonderfully and then decided to knock it down one season later. If a wooden coaster runs well, it still gets riders. Just look at nearby Toro and other fantastic woodies like Lightning Racer at Hershey and Phoenix at Knoebels.

    Plus, this opened up a lot of real estate, but that side of the park is usually still way overrun compared to the Nitro/BTR side. Why not bite the bullet and put a free standing tower on that side of the park instead? That would have allowed RT to stay where it was, and it would be aesthetically interesting to have TWO skyscraper towers on opposite ends of the park.

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