The Roller Coasters with the Most Loops


This edition of Superlative Sundays lists the loopiest roller coasters in the World.

The Roller Coasters with the Most Loops (Inversions) World

RankNameLengthParkLocationYear Opened
1stSteel Dragon 20008,133.2 feetNagashima Spa LandNagashima, Japan2000
2ndUltimate7,442 feetLightwater VlleyYorkshire, England1991
3rdBeast7,359 feetKings IslandOhio, USA1979
4thFujiyama6,708.7 feetFuji-Q HighlandYamanashi, Japan1996
5thFury 3256,602 feetCarowindsNorth Carolina, USA2015
6thMillennium Force6,595 feetCedar PointOhio, USA2000
7thFormula Rossa6,561.7 feetFerrari WorldAbu Dhabi, UAE2010
8thThe Voyage6,442 feetHoliday WorldIndiana, USA2006
9thCalifornia Screamin'6,072 feetDisney's California AdventureCalifornia, USA2001
10thDesperado5,843 feetBuffalo Bill's ResortNevada, USA1994
Roller coasters that are under construction are marked with an asterisk (*).

A Roller Coaster Record the U.S. Parks Don’t Hold

If my research was correct then the American parks’ roller coasters top out at 7 loops. B&M have given us great roller coasters like Medusa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Bizarro (Great Adventure), Montu and Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa, and Hydra the Revenge at Dorney.

Six Flags Magic Mountain also has both the surviving Arrow-looper, Viper, and another looper (Scream!) that I’d prefer to just pretend doesn’t exist as it might taint my opinion of my favorite coaster designer.

Personally, I’m fine that we don’t currently have any record-breaking loopers in the States. While I’d definitely ride a 14-looper, I’m not sure I’d want to re-ride it. Unless the loops were really spaced out and it was designed by the masters of smooth, B&M, it would probably be more of an endurance test than an enjoyable adventure.

Check out this POV video of The Smiler at Alton Towers:

Note – This video was shot by professionals. For safety reasons, please DO NOT film while riding a roller coaster without permission from the park.

I’d love to hear from the British readers and other World-traveling coaster enthusiasts since I can’t speak from experience like you can.

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  1. Whats your beef with Scream? Granted its nothing spectacular but its a tragedy as you make it seem. The third inversion right before you hit the boomerang is actually pretty awesome.

    • It was very rough for a B&M coaster.


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