Theme Parks with the Most Roller Coasters


Theme Parks with the Most Roller Coasters

If you’re wondering which theme parks have the most roller coasters, I’ve updated a list that includes all of the amusement parks in the World. I used the Roller Coaster Database counts and if you click on the park name it will take you to a full list of the rides.

RankTheme ParksRoller CoastersLoops
1stSix Flags Magic Mountain19 34
2ndCedar Point1621
2ndCanada's Wonderland1615
3rdKings Dominion1418
3rdKings Island1425
4thSix Flags Great America1316
5thSix Flags Great Adventure1219
5thSix Flags Over Texas128
5thEuropa Park124
5thSix Flags New England1211
6thSix Flags Over Georgia1119
6thSix Flags New England1116
Counts that include 2014 roller coasters are marked with an asterisk (*).

Observations from 2010 to 2014

As I was updating this table, I found it interesting how the parks have shifted a bit since 2010. While many have lost coasters and gained them, here’s where they netted out. After years of trading the top spot with Cedar Point, Six Flags Magic Mountain has ran away with the Coaster Crown for a few years now. And now, in 2014, it will have a sizable lead.

The other parks that have grown in overall count are Canada’s Wonderland, Hersheypark, Six Flags Great America, and the only non-North American park, Europa Park (Rust, Germany). I added both Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags New England to the list for the first time as they’ve seen increases as well.

Theme Parks with stagnant overall coaster counts included: Carowinds, Kings Dominion, and Kings Island. And, the parks that have seen an overall drop were Cedar Point, Six Flags Great Adventure, and Six Flags Over Texas.

The Loopiest Theme Parks

I also included a column with an inversion count since it’s readily available via RCDB’s Inversion Breakdown. Six Flags Magic Mountain further cements itself as the Thrill Capital (as well as the Coaster Capital) with such an insane loop count that the next closest is 9 back (Kings Island). As I’ve said in the past, I’m proud to see my home park, Carowinds, in the mix. It’s currently tied at 5th overall with Alton Towers with an impressive 20 inversions.

What’s Your Take?

Are you surprised by the list of parks with the most roller coasters? Have you been to any or most of these parks? If I’m missing any, please chime in. Leave a comment below.

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  1. So far, I’ve only missed out on California, Illinois and Texas. Six Flags Great America may be doable this summer, but I think I’m saving Texas and California for my retirement years (hopefully only 2 more school years after this one!!) While you were studying this topic, Joel, I was checking the list of last year’s Coasting for Kids lineup and starting to make guesses about what this year would look like. I have participated in this fundraising event for the past 2 years at Dorney Park. In 2012, we spent 6 hours on Steel Force. Last year, they mixed it up a bit and we had time on Steel Force, Talon, and Hydra (yes, the inversions weeded out the crowd a bit more last year!) along with early rides on Possessed and Stinger. After looking at the Cedar Fair parks on your list, I’m glad I did my marathon at Dorney Park last year, even if Dorney is NOT on this list. The coasters definitely had re-rideability, making for an enjoyable day.

    *** NOTE: While looking through my files for the link to participating parks and the coasters that were used (link here), I found that they are beginning to post information for the 2014 Coasting for Kids Event. If you have never tried “marathoning” on coasters, this is a fun and beneficial way to do so. I’m planning to try it again this year. If you want to follow my progress, watch for my posts on facebook at Judy Rhein Polczynski. You can contact me there if you have any questions.

    • Judy, I know that you’ve surpassed me in coaster count, but I didn’t know that you hadn’t been to those states yet. Great America’s among my favorite Six Flags parks. Let me know if you plan on going. They’ve got a nice collection and Goliath looks like it could be coaster of the year material.

      Also, thanks for sharing your link to Coasting For Kids. I made it click-able for you. Good luck with your marathoning this year!

  2. No. It works that way at Universal, but not at Disney. Every guest gets the same treatment for Fastpass but sntiyag on site will get you extra-magic hours at certain parks. Check the schedule on the Disney website.

  3. Canada’s wonderland is down to 15 coasters now. Freestyle is no longer there.

  4. Une gamme de produits exceptionnelle : nouveautés, exclusivités…


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