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Six Flags and Cedar Fair are the two largest theme park chains in North America in terms of the number of parks they operate. For easy reference, I’ve included lists of the parks in the two chains:

[one_half]Six Flags

Theme ParkMetro Area
Cedar PointCleveland, OH
Canada's WonderlandToronto, Canada
CarowindsCharlotte, NC
Kings DominionRichmond, VA
Kings IslandCincinnati, OH
Worlds of FunKansas City, MO
ValleyfairMinneapolis, MN
Dorney ParkAllentown, PA
Michigan's AdventureGrand Rapids, MI
California's Great AmericaSan Francisco, CA
Knott's Berry FarmLos Angeles, CA
Gilroy GardensSan Francisco, CA
[/one_half][one_half_last]Cedar Fair
RankNameSpeedTheme ParkLocationYear Opened
1stFormula Rossa149.1 mphFerrari World Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi, UAE2010
2ndKingda Ka128 mphSix Flags Great AdventureNew Jersey, USA2005
3rdTop Thrill Dragster120 mphCedar PointOhio, USA2003
T-4thRed Force111.8 mphFerrari LandSalou, Spain2017
T-4thDodonpa111.8 mphFuji-Q HighlandFujiyoshida, Japan1996
T-5thSuperman: Escape from Krypton100 mphSix Flags Magic MountainCalifornia, USA1997
T-5thTower of Terror II100 mphDreamworldQueensland, Australia1997
6thRing Racer99.4 mphNürburgringNürburg, Germany2013
T-7thFury 32595 mphCarowindsNorth Carolina, USA2015
T-7thSteel Dragon 200095 mphNagashima Spa LandNagashima, Japan2000

Which of these theme park chains do you prefer? Six Flags or Cedar Fair?

Vote below by clicking on one of the images and you’ll see how others voted.


Let us know why you voted the way you did by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Cedar Fair’s parks are just higher quality… I find Six Flags to be crowded, understaffed, and the lines are poorly managed. The attractions are top notch at both, but CF takes the cake for me.

  2. I’ve been going to Six Flags parks for 35 years and I find them to be clean and most enjoyable.

    “Six Flags what you wish the world could be.”

  3. Six Flags used to be full of gangs and they have really cleaned it up. I prefer Disney but Six Flags has made a great family park. Six Flags lacks quality food. Enough burgers and pizza already.

  4. They do have a great funnel cake though. How about some healthy options

  5. Cedar Fair has entertainment and a great kid’s area with amazing shows. Six Flags’ kid’s area is run-down and poorly staffed. No entertainment in the park and the food concessions are the worst. The tram service takes forever. My kids like 6 flags, but I never go with them – EVER. I’ve got the money. You want the parents to go and spend money, provide something we can do too!

  6. I am leaning towards cedar fair. Although six flags adds more coasters more often, (which I find a good thing) they don’t have anything else. If I were not a roller coaster enthusiast, I would have a horrible time at six flags. I still would not have a good time at a cedar fair park, but I would have a better time there than at six flags due to better shows (ussauly), better service and more family friendly, tame, fun attractions.
    This being said, I don’t want people to think I dislike six flags (or cedar fair). I would just rather visit a universal, Disney or busch park. (despite their way to high prices)

  7. I agree with Chris…

  8. This was a tough one…….
    I think that there both great parks and both have equal cons and pros. I ended up voting for Six Flags because it has something for everyone to do, not just all really intense thrill rides……..

  9. Definitely Cedar Fair for me! The biggest Six Flags “annoyance” is NOISE. The music is loud, the rides are loud and the clientele seems to be loud. I’ve been to 10 of the CF Parks and only 5 Six Flags parks, so maybe I’m missing something. Texas and California are definitely on my retirement bucket list in a few years. I have gotten season passes for both chains and feel that I get more “bang for my buck” with Cedar Fair, including ERT, free parking, Halloween event admission, water parks, etc. I also do a good bit of traveling with 2 young adults with autism and CF parks are much more user-friendly for them.

  10. Six Flags’ parks are the best! The coasters are world class and I can’t wait for Goliath! The parks are clean and the employees are friendly and well-trained!!

    • The only rides worth riding at the six flags parks are the Iron Horses and maybe Tatsu…

    • And the parks are some of the dirtiest ive ever seen, and the staff at Cedar Fair are way more helpful. Especially the ones at Kings Island and Cedar Point.

  11. You should know that Six Flags has a sent an email out to it’s workers to vote in this quiz. I don’t really think that’s quite fair.

    • and only about 350 people voted for six flags? do you know how many people work for six flags?

      • In one day at Six Flags there are Three thousand employees for every thirty thousand guests there so there is a lot especially now that we are getting closer to summer

  12. Six Flags Magic Mountain Valencia California the best amusement park safe friendly clean.

  13. cedar fair no doubt higher quality, more theming (of what little there is), less advertising better food, and just a nicer environment.

  14. We’ve only visited one Six Flags – Magic Mountain, but have visited Knott’s Berry Farm, Kings Island, Canada’s Wonderland and Cedar Point. I love SFMM for its awesome rides, but overall feel that the Cedar Fair parks we’ve visited are a bit cleaner & just feel nicer (especially Cedar Point – what a brilliant location!)

  15. Six Flags Magic Mountain provides gr8 fun entertainment for mostly adolescents and adults; though there are some rides that are family oriented and some for children. The food isn’t bad, especially at the restaurant-style locations, like Mooseburger Lodge, with their talking Moose. Sadly, though, this is being removed to make room for a sports bar. Mooseburger had a great buffet! Its sad to see it go. Several other things are going and they are making a new kids area. The big tree has been removed. Log Jammer is gone.

    I had the fortunate opportunity to visit another Six Flags park a few years ago, which I thought was awesome. I went to New York for a week to visit a friend. She and I went to the Six Flags in New Jersey by bus.

    Six Flags has some great rides. Tatsu and Goliath are great, thrill-y rides. I’ve always like to go on Colossus and the Gold Rusher. I have not been on Full Throttle yet.

    All in all, Six Flags Magic Mountain is what I vote for. I remember getting dropped off there when we were kids.

    • Just go to Cedar Point… Much better rides that are very diverse… You are the pinnacle of stupid…

  16. Cedar Fair.

    I agree with some of the comments about Six Flags – typically crowded and poorly managed lines. I don’t mind Six Flags, however. I really liked Darien Lake (back when it was Six Flags), and I also enjoyed Worlds of Adventure (Geauga Lake and the old Sea World), but a number of the others, and even those, were not managed well. In fact, their management style reminded me a lot of the old Paramount parks, which I didn’t care for.

    Cedar Fair parks are operated better and the rides they put in are always quality. I grew up near Cedar Point, so I’m a bit spoiled, but I’ve been to a number of parks around the country and they’re still the best.

    The only parks that match Cedar Point in quality are small – Holiday World and Kennywood come to mind. They’re managed well, have great attractions, and I always leave satisfied. However, as far as larger parks go, the only one that’s come close to Cedar Point, or Cedar Fair parks in general, that I’ve visited is Darien Lake.

  17. I quit going to Six Flags several years ago when they decided the music should be louder than everything. I went to Great American and a few other parks and all were the same. They do that so their commercials will be heard. It should be an ambient music, not noise making everyone talk louder to hear each other.

  18. Hello. I have been going to SixFlagsMagicMountain all my life, however I believe that Knott’sBerryFarm is better because, they have great themes, different kinds of food, different type rides, etc, but I have to say that I go to SFMM more often because I love the rides and it is closer, trust me I would visit Knotts more that I do if I could, I plan on changing that and getting to go to Knotts more. 🙂 So I say my final answer is, Knotts because it always feels different to me, I love it there.

  19. I would like to encourage everyone to vote on the Mitch Hawker steel coaster poll by March 31st at so we can all have an accurate list of the best coasters in the world.

  20. I love Six Flags theme parks. I live in the Atlanta area, and have been to Six Flags Over Georgia off and on since I was 7 years of age. I find SFOG to be a decent park, with a decent collection of rides.

    My all-time favorite rollercoaster is Mind Bender… manufactured by legendary Anton Schwarzkopf, and billed as the “world’s first ever triple-looping steel coaster”. SFOG’s new SkyScreamer ride is good, but I’ll miss riding Wheelie. Acrophobia is a good drop tower ride. Log Jamboree, Monster Mansion, and Thunder River are good water rides. Other good coasters there include B&M coasters (Batman: The Ride, Georgia Scorcher, Goliath, and Superman: Ultimate Flight), as well as Dahlonega Mine Train, and the wood coasters Georgia Cyclone and Great American Scream Machine. SFOG will be debuting its new Hurricane Harbor waterpark Memorial Day Weekend 2014.

    My fingers are crossed that SFOG gets new coaster in 2015. I could picture a Premier Rides launch coaster… either a spaghetti-bowl coaster (clone or mirror image clone of Joker’s Jinx/Poltergeist) or a Green Lantern themed coaster (clone of SFDK’s Superman coaster) in the Liskillet section, and the Whistlestop Park be located to different section of the park. Hope that Georgia Cyclone could be a candidate for RMC hybrid transformation in time for SFOG’s 50th anniversary in 2017.


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