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Casino Pier’s New 2017 Roller Coaster, Hydrus

Seaside Heights, New Jersey’s Casino Pier will be opening an exciting loping roller coaster called Hydrus. It will be replacing Jet Star, which was washed out to sea by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Hydrus will stand 72 feet above the boardwalk, boast a beyond-vertical drop of 97 degrees, and take riders through a short, but thrilling 1,050 foot course.

Hydrus Casino Pier NJ - New Roller Coaster

What to Expect: A Quick and Twisted Ride

While the ride will be pretty brief, Hydrus will be quite action-packed with an unnerving vertical lift and three inversions (a loop, a cutback, and a heartline roll). Also, the ultra-steep first drop will challenge riders to keep their hands up. As it’ll be Casino Pier’s largest roller coaster it should be a really popular ride. So, guests should expect long lines. Hopefully, the aforementioned elements will make Hydrus well worth the wait.

Hydrus is similar to Untamed at Canobie Lake and Iron Shark at Galveston Pleasure Pier.

Teaser Video for Casino Pier’s New Roller Coaster – Hydrus

Want a preview? Take a spin on this preview video of Hydrus.

For more, visit CasinoPierNJ.

What’s Your Take?
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  1. Definitely looks fun! I’m excited to hear about your Las Vegas trip

    • Thanks for the reminder. The next post I publish will be a review of one of the Vegas coasters.

  2. It looks like an almost identical layout to Untamed (I’m not sure about the very end). Untamed, though small, is actually one of my favorite coasters; the first loop after the drop is a lovely thing, more about hang time than G-forces. This should be fun.

    • Based on renderings of the layout seen from the other side, I think it’s basically a mirror image of the Untamed layout, minus the final helix (to make it fit in the space available). Instead there’s a bunny hill and a brake run.

      I think the teaser video is in fact showing Untamed and Iron Shark in operation as examples of the type.


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