What Are Your Theme Park Travel Plans in 2017?

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With most theme parks across the country opening in the Spring, a new theme park season is almost upon us.

Where am I headed? I hope to return to my home park, Carowinds. They’re adding four new flat rides. They are also re-theming Carolina Cobra as The Flying Cobras. It’s easily the best Vekoma boomerang roller coaster I’ve experienced thanks to the open restraints reducing headbang during the loops. Read my review of Carolina Cobra.

Here’s more on Carowinds’ County Fair section and the new attractions:

How about you? I always like to hear which theme parks people are planning on visiting. Will you be visiting any parks for the first time or sticking with your home park in 2017?

What’s Your Take?
Let us know where your headed. Leave a comment below.

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  1. You should consider heading to parks that aren’t too far from Carowinds, like Dollywood (for Lightning Rod), or Six Flags Over Georgia!

    As for me, I’ve got a big season. Everything we’re hitting will be new parks except for Six Flags Great America (our home park).

    At the end of March, our family is heading down to Dollywood for the first time and possibly riding an Alpine Coaster. We’ll also be hitting up our home park (Six Flags Great America) multiple times, since we only live about 30 minutes.

    Later in the year, we’ve got a big trip. We’ll be driving to California, and while we’re there we’ll be hitting Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and SeaWorld San Diego. On the way home, we’ll be hitting Cliff’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico for their CCI woodie New Mexico Rattler.

    Our last trip will be at the end of July. We’re driving down to Kentucky Kingdom, and on the way back, we’ll be hitting Holiday World!

    Some milestones…
    o 3 new RMC credits
    o My 100th coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain
    o I will have ridden every B&M Wing coaster in the country (X-Flight is at my home park, and I went to Cedar Point last year and rode GateKeeper)
    o The most coasters in one summer (53 possible new credits!!)


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