Comic Book Roller Coasters Tournament – Round 3


It’s time for Round 3 of the Comic Book Roller Coasters Tournament. There was a particular showdown in Round 2 that created a tie for days. With the tie finally broken, let’s move on to the next round. There are now eight roller coasters left. First, let’s take a look back at Round 2.

Round 2 Recap: Super Close Showdown & 4D Coasters Crushed
Mr Freeze Reverse Blast passed Superman Krypton Coaster by the slightest margin. Also the remaining 4D roller coasters were defeated by huge margins. I’ve never been a huge fan of 4D coasters and voters might be saying that they just don’t stand up to a traditional roller coaster experience.

  • Superman The Ride (Six Flags New England Hyper) 93% over Joker (4D Coaster) 7%
  • Joker (RMC) 65% over Superman Ride of Steel (Six Flags America Hyper) 35%
  • Batman The Ride (Inverted) 53% over The Riddler’s Revenge (Stand-Up) 47%
  • Joker’s Jinx (Launched Looper) 60% over Superman: Ultimate Flight (Flying) 40%
  • Incredible Hulk Coaster (Launched Looper) 66% over Bizarro (Floorless Looper) 34%
  • Superman Ultimate Flight (Launched Looper) 91% over Green Lantern (4D) 9%
  • Superman Escape From Krypton (Launched Shuttle) 69% over Green Lantern (Stand-Up) 31%
  •  Mr Freeze Reverse Blast (Launched Shuttle Looper) 51% over Superman Krypton Coaster (Floorles Looper) 49%

Here are the match-ups for Round 3:

Superman The Ride at Six Flags New England vs Joker at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Superman The Ride Six Flags New England vs Joker Discovery Kingdom - Roller Coaster

Landmark inverted coaster Batman The Ride at multiple Six Flags parks versus launched looper Joker’s Jinx at Six Flags America
Batman The Ride - Six Flags Great America vs Jokers Jinx - Six Flags America - Roller Coasters

Launched looper Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom versus launched looper Incredible Hulk at Universal’s Islands of Adventure
Superman-Ride-of-Steel-Six-Flags-New-England vs Hulk Coaster Islands of Adventure

Launched shuttle coaster Superman: Escape from Krypton at Six Flags Magic Mountain versus another launched coaster Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast at Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags St. LouisSuperman Escape Krypton - Magic Mountain vs Mr Freeze Reverse Blast - Six Flags

Round 3 Has Ended
Round 3 has ended. View the results below and vote in Round 4 here.

  • Superman The Ride (Six Flags New England Hyper) 69% over Joker (RMC Coaster) 31%
  • Batman The Ride (Inverted) 58% over Joker’s Jinx (Launched Looper) 42%
  • Incredible Hulk Coaster (Launched Looper) 83% over Superman Ultimate Flight (Launched Looper) 17%
  • Superman Escape From Krypton (Launched Shuttle) 54% over Mr Freeze Reverse Blast (Launched Shuttle Looper) 46%

Photo Credits
The following image via Creative Commons: Jeremy Thomspon (Hulk, Escape from Krypton, & Joker) and Martin Lewinson (Superman: The Ride).

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Round 3? Which out of the 8 roller coasters would be your top pick? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Such a cool tournament! Really like the idea.

    BTW, will more reviews and other related stuff be coming soon

    • Thanks Josh.

      Yep. I’ve got a few more reviews from my Vegas trip.


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