Why Sit When You Can Stand Up?

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That was a question a few roller coaster designers in the 1980s and 1990s asked.  However, the stand up roller coaster seems to be slowly fading away with several parks dismantling & selling theirs or, in the case of Mantis at Cedar Point, converting it to a Floorless Coaster.

So What’s Your Take?

Have you ridden a standup roller coaster?  Have you ridden one that’s been converted such as Mantis (now Rougarou) or Vortex (now Patriot) at California’s Great America?  If you have ridden them both before and after their transformations, would you say the ride improved?

John is a proud Clevelander, and lifelong fan of roller coasters and amusement parks.


  1. I remember as a teenager thinking that stand up coasters would be the scariest ever! Finally rode one in my early 30s at Canada’s Wonderland – Skyrider which isn’t there anymore (got moved to Italy) and it wasn’t scary at all! Have also ridden Riddler’s Revenge and Mantis before conversion. I really enjoy Riddler’s Revenge and hope that Six Flags Magic Mountain keep it as a stand up.

  2. Mantis was…OK. Vortex is….OK. That’s the extent of my Stand-Up experience. If I never rode another one, I wouldn’t miss it.


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