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Mean Streak @ Cedar Point | Coaster Reviews

Mean Streak is All Bark and No Bite The Mean Streak was probably the biggest letdown of my trip to Cedar Point. This massive wooden coaster that’s 161 feet tall (16 stories) and over 5,000 feet long amazingly amounts to almost no thrills. I will say that it was fairly smooth for its size and age, but what a snoozer! It’s nothing but turns and short forgettable drops. I don’t reca...

Griffon to Soar Over Busch Gardens Europe

Details are starting to surface about Busch Gardens Europe’s (Williamsburg, VA) newest coaster in seven years. According to a trademark filed earlier this month, the new 200+ foot tall coaster could be named Griffon. According to Wikipedia, a Griffon is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. This fits with the park’s tradition in naming their c...

Dollywood Trip

I’m back from my trip to Dollywood. While there, I rode Thunderhead. According to coaster enthusiasts it’s the number one wooden coaster in the world. It as awarded the Golden Ticket in 2005. I’m not sure that it will be the top wooden coaster again this year, but I can see why it’s so popular.

Steel Force @ Dorney Park | Coaster Reviews

Does Steel Force Live up to its Lofty Reputation?Steel Force dominates the skyline at Dorney. Thunderhawk is just dwarfed by the 200 foot steel monster. It’s a visual testament to how far coasters have come. I stepped aboard the uninteresting Morgan trains and enjoyed the nice long ride up the peak. The first drop wasn’t as steep as I thought it would be and the tunnel was just so-so. ...

Voyage Delivers the Goods

I’ve returned and recuperated from my trip to Holiday World and Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. Voyage was awesome as advertised and has pushed into my Top Coasters list. Holiday World was a nice, smaller park I can see why it has the reputation it does with the coaster enthusiast community. And while Kentucky Kingdom lived up to its dubious reputation, I’ve got a shot glass with “Ke...

Coaster-Net Sports New Look, New Quiz

Coaster-Net has launched it’s big redesign. And of course it’s a new month, so that means another tough new Coaster Quiz created by TheCoasterCritic. Test your coaster knowledge. Yes, I just referred to myself in the third person.

Countdown to Voyage

In less than a week my coaster odyssey will take me to arguably the most highly anticipated coaster of the season. Namely, Voyage at Holiday World. Holiday World? You ask. It’s a small-ish park in southern Indiana that had humble beginnings as Santa Claus Land. When it opened in 1946 it was a Christmas-themed park it was the first theme park in the world. Take that Disney! Over the years it ...

Big Summer for The Coaster Critic

2006 will prove to be a landmark year for a number of reasons. I’ve already crossed the century mark riding my 100th coaster and visited the most heralded park around (Cedar Point). During the rest of the season I will face the tallest, fastest, and most highly rated coasters in the world. Good thing they’re all near the East Coast! In July, I will ride what is arguably the most talked...

SuperCoasters | National Geographic

Next week, Wednesday June 14th catch one of the final airings of “SuperCoasters” on the National Geographic Channel. The show takes a look at the enginneering and physics that powers today’s modern thrill machines. I’ve missed it the last couple of airings. I’ll make sure I DVR it this time and I’ll write a review after it airs. More info.

Web 2.0 & Coaster Web Sites

I stumbled upon the other day. I must say it’s quite an impressive site. Other than just being large and comprehensive it offers some pretty neat tools like the “my CF Ride List & coaster count”. Not only can you add, rate, and keep track of your coaster count on the site, but you can ‘take these tools with you’. The also offe...

Magnum XL-200 @ Cedar Point | Coaster Reviews

The Revolutionary Coaster that Started A New EraAfter being encouraged to make Magnum my 100th coaster, I went against the advice and just rushed to Millennium Force instead. I wish I would’ve listened to the advice because on my trip to Cedar Point, Magnum stole the show. The hype for the prototypical hyper coaster (coasters over 200 feet tall) was huge. I’d look at on-ride footage an...

June Coaster Quiz is Up

I’ve just posted the new June Coaster Quiz over at Coaster-net. Hopefully it will prove to be a tough one. Give it a try and see if your coaster knowledge is up to par! June Coaster Quiz

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