Roller Coaster Tours: A Dream Summer for Coaster Fans

Imagine visiting Discovery Kingdom, Magic Mountain, California’s Great America, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Disneyland. That would make for a pretty fun summer. For one of these roller coaster tourists that was just one week. That kind of theme park blitzkrieg is what Karol Gajda and The Coaster Guy recently experienced. Friend of the blog, Kurt – The Coaster Guy, was chosen to take ...[Read More]

Reactions to Holiday World’s Mammoth & the Minivan Effect

Holiday World Announces World’s Longest Water Coaster for 2012 As Some Coaster Fans Groan Today, Holiday World announced Mammoth their largest single ride investment with a price tag of $9 million. Like the park’s Wildebeest, Mammoth will feature both down hill and up hill sections made possible via linear induction motors that will propel the ride boats. Unlike Wildebeest, the much la...[Read More]

Featured Photo #20 – The Coaster with a Cult Following

Wikipedia describes a cult following as: a term used to refer to a group of fans who are highly dedicated to a specific area of pop culture. It goes on to define it as a: small but very passionate fan base. I think the term accurately describes coaster enthusiasts love for Holiday World (and years ago) Raven in particular. Before The Voyage brought international attention to the Southern Indiana p...[Read More]

POLL – Pick the Next Coaster to Get the Texas Giant Treatment

As soon as Texas Giant’s redesign was announced I, like many, wondered two things. First, I wondered if it would be successful? Having ridden Texas Giant last week, I can say with first-hand experience that it was a massive success. I gave it a 10 out of 10 and it entered my Top 10 list. Read my full Texas Giant review. Secondly, I thought about which other woodies should get the steel track...[Read More]

The Strangest Wooden Coaster I’ve Ever Seen

I recently received a photo from a coaster manufacturing company (on the right), but I’m baffled by its weird design. All of the ingredients of a typical wooden coaster seem to be missing. There’s no lift hill, support structure, or even a station. It appears to be to smooth, but I’m not even sure how a train would stay on this thing without any kind of track. This must be quite ...[Read More]

Top 3 Ideas for New Theme Park Websites

There are a lot of great theme park websites out there, but it seems like there’s not a lot of innovation. Theme park sites could definitely borrow some fresh ideas from the rest of the Web. For this special Saturday edition of Top 3 Thursdays (see, it’s not really late it’s just a special edition) I’m going to list three types of theme park fan sites that I’d like to...[Read More]

Top 3 Day Jobs for Roller Coaster Enthusiasts

If you’re a coaster enthusiast then you’re probably always planning your next trip and thinking about what new roller coasters you hope to ride. And, if you’ve entered the workforce full-time you’ve realized that work seems to be getting in the way of your theme park plans. Paid time off is limited and sometimes weekends aren’t long enough for a full-fledged theme par...[Read More]

Anyone Else Want a Backyard Coaster for Christmas?

Since it’s Christmas Eve, I wrote a post on Gadling about my dream Christmasgift. Short of a teleportation device, that I could use to save on expensive airline tickets, my ideal gift would be a backyard roller coaster. I wrote about them way back in May 2006. In case you missed that post, and I’m sure you did, check out the videos below of Jeremy Reid’s wooden coaster Oklahoma L...[Read More]

Trip Report: Filming Bert the Conqueror at Carowinds

After signing a few waivers, the group of about 30 of us made our way to Intimidator. It was hours before the park opened to the public and it was neat seeing the normally busy park empty, but not lifeless. Maintenance and groundskeepers were hard at work making sure that Carowinds looked pristine as always. We entered the station where the crew, except Bert, were already setting things up. There ...[Read More]

5 Most Missed Defunct Roller Coasters

I hope that you have some tissues nearby. This post could be a real tear jerker if you’re still missing a rollercoasterthat’s no longer with us. I invite you to let go. A good cry could help you move on. A recent comment on the Drachen Fire post inspired me to take a look at some of the most missed defunct roller coasters of the past decade or so. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ...[Read More]

What Will Cedar Point’s 2011 Ride Be?: Possibilities & a Poll

What do you give the park that has everything? Once again the Web is buzzing over what new ride, roller coaster, or attraction year. Even the Coaster Capital has a hole or two in its massive lineup of thrill rides and roller coasters. To be honest, I don’t follow the park that closely, but I’ll throw out some rumors and thoughts on what the ride could be. Let’s take some time and...[Read More]

Bizarro Will Be Featured on the Travel Channel this Wednesday

National Spotlight on The World’s Best Roller Coaster Bizarro at Six Flags New England, the roller coaster that many consider to be the Best in the World, will be featured on the Travel Channel this Wednesday night at 10 PM EST. This week’s episode of Bert the Conqueror finds comedian Bert Kreischer facing Bizarro in all of its upgraded, special effects laden glory. It’s my top r...[Read More]

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