Featured Photo #31 – The Rock Monster Makes The Difference

This is a photo of Skull Mountain at Six Flags Great Adventure. It illustrates just how much of an impact theming can make on a ride. Inside this rocky building you’ll find a pretty benign Intamin family coaster. It’s almost like an over-grown version of the neighboring Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure. RCDB calls Skull Mountain an Indoor Family Coaster, but there’s a least one c...[Read More]

Featured Photo #30 – Full Body Drying Booths

The Family That Dries Together? Maybe you’ve noticed these nifty family-sized dryers at your local theme park. Maybe you’ve even used one. I think they’re a neat idea. Some people don’t want to walk around the park after they’ve been soaked by a log flume or some other water ride; especially if it happens to be a chilly day. Haystack makes these ‘drying booths&#...[Read More]

Featured Photo #29 – Respect for Elderly Coasters

I took this shot back in 1999 in the pre-digital camera era. Well, it was well before I had my own digital camera at least. It was on this trip to Kennywood early in my theme park travel adventures that I gained a newfound respect for woodies. Before Kennywood’s still electrifying Thunderbolt, I only had woodies from Kings Dominion and Adventure World (the precursor to Six Flags America) und...[Read More]

Featured Photo #28 – Invertigos A No-Go

Six Flags America’s Two Face was one of the roller coasters that Six Flags added to Adventure World when it bought  the park. Along with launch coaster Joker’s Jinx, hyper coaster Superman: Ride of Steel and flying coaster Batwing, the park’s lineup of modern thrill rides boomed in only a few years. Two Face had a run of accidents before it was removed in 2008 and I’m baffl...[Read More]

Featured Photo #27 = Wesley Snipes + Intamin

A ride to the top of Kings Dominion’s 305 foot tall Drop Tower: Scream Zone is quite a harrowing ascent even for a seasoned coaster vet like myself. There’s quite a difference between a roller coaster car and just seats with restraints. At the top, Drop Tower holds its ring of 56 seats for a few seconds. These few seconds seem like an eternity to first timers. Then, the bottom drops ou...[Read More]

Featured Photo #26 – Braking With Style

Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s dive coaster, Griffon, begins by holding riders on the edge of a twenty-story drop. Onlookers point and shake their heads as they marvel at what to many looks like a torturous experience. Griffon’s finale could be just as interesting from a spectators standpoint . The wide trains charge into a shallow pool creating a trail of water some twenty feet high. An...[Read More]

Featured Photo #25 – The Hardest Working Mascot

If this image startled you, I apologize. That’s Boom the Troll from Myrtle Beach’s defunct Freestyle Music Park. He wasn’t a well-known mascot, but he was one of the most active I’ve ever seen. His job didn’t end after strolling around the park and posing for photos. Boom tweeted, made YouTube appearances around town, and he even had his own website. In the end, Boom ...[Read More]

Featured Photo #24 – 74 Years & 120 Feet

I took this photo back in 2003 near the end of a Knoebels & Dorney Park trip. The hyper coaster, Steel Force, dominates the skyline at the Allentown, PA park. And here, it dominates the classic woodie Thunderhawk. Steel Force’s peak reaches the 200 foot mark while the wooden coaster in the foreground is only 80 feet tall. There are nearly 75 years between these two coasters and the advan...[Read More]

Featured Photo #23 – A Thrill Ride in Disguise

This ho-hum looking ride found in the kiddie section at my home park, Carowinds has a wild alter-ego. I had always wondered about the interest hardcore theme park fans had in flying scooters or flyers as their called. Flyers can be flown with very little movement and taken as a nice, breezy ride. Or, riders can play the role of fighter pilots and make the vehicles do swoops, dives, and climbs. Som...[Read More]

Featured Photo #22 – Coaster People

Recently, I was asked about the highlights of my 5 years of blogging. Getting to talk to the people behind our favorite theme parks and roller coasters has to be one of the biggest thrills of this adventure. Back in 2009, I had the opportunity to speak with Louis Alfieri who was one of the designers behind Rip Ride Rockit. It was unbelievably cool to hear specifics behind the design process of a n...[Read More]

Featured Photo #21 – Should They Be Standing?

This is a photo of Kings Dominion’s Shockwave. As much as I dislike it, for its rough, jerky hills during the second half, there are still some who enjoy it.  At least it never produced an extreme amount of leg pain like Mantis at Cedar Point. After the not-so-great reviews of Green Lantern, Six Flags Great Adventure’s reborn stand-up, I started to wonder again about the inconsistency ...[Read More]

Featured Photo #20 – The Coaster with a Cult Following

Wikipedia describes a cult following as: a term used to refer to a group of fans who are highly dedicated to a specific area of pop culture. It goes on to define it as a: small but very passionate fan base. I think the term accurately describes coaster enthusiasts love for Holiday World (and years ago) Raven in particular. Before The Voyage brought international attention to the Southern Indiana p...[Read More]

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