Theme Park Digital Airwaves: The Season Pass Podcast & More

The Coaster Critic Joins Podcasts Based on the East Coast, West Coast, & Europe I’ve been lucky enough to join a few different podcasts this season. I joined The Season Pass Podcast while they were broadcasting live from Kings Dominion during the last leg of Theme Park Review’s East Coast Bash. I was invited to be a guest on Theme Park Central‘s new podcast. And, earlier this...[Read More]

Stuff Coaster Enthusiasts Like | Theme Park Website Spotlight

Normally I wouldn’t showcase a defunct website, but the eight posts on this short-lived blog are awesome. Stuff Coaster Enthusiasts Like is based on the popular blog Stuff White People Like that has inspired other sites and even books like Stuff Christians Like. They’re often written from a standpoint akin to a sociologist or someone studying the behavior of a group of people or a spec...[Read More]

Ride Op Tells Amusement Park Tales

If you think you’ve seen or heard some stupid things at theme parks imagine what the employees have witnessed. The Amusement Park Tales is a blog that chronicles a ride operators experiences at an unnamed Ohio amusement park. Under the pen name MAL, the blogger shares her “most ridiculous stories”, from her time working in a park’s kiddie section last summer. Reading her st...[Read More]

Announcing Theme Park Syndicate

The Theme Park News Aggregator Today, I’m unveiling Theme Park Syndicate, the Web’s first ever theme park news aggregator. Theme park enthusiasts can easily stay on top of the latest news and developments with just a quick visit as Theme Park Syndicate brings together headlines from all of the top theme park news sites, blogs, and podcasts in one place. Just bookmark the site’s h...[Read More]

Top 3 Official Theme Park Blogs

It’s time to kick off the third season of Top 3 Thursdays.  This week I’ll countdown the Top 3 Official Theme Park Blogs. Since the increase in popularity of blogs, a number of theme parks have started utilizing them as a way to communicate to their hard core fans and potential visitors. Today, companies have to realize that they’re already a part of Web 2.0, it’s just up t...[Read More]

Thrillator: For the People, By the People

I love web sites that use new technology and change the way we learn, connect, and share information. In the theme park webiverse there aren’t a lot of cutting edge web 2.0 web sites. Even theme park blogs and podcasts are just really starting to take off in the amusement park community when both have been around for several years. So, I’m excited to see sites like Thrillator. Like my ...[Read More]

Announcing Coaster Portal

Coaster Portal – Your Guide to the Theme Park WebiverseSo my announcement was delayed about a week, but today I unveil Coaster Portal. It has been a long-standing side project I’ve had on the back burner for years. The blog had taken up the majority of my time, until finally, I pushed myself to complete the site. I wanted to create a different type of theme park web site. One that link...[Read More]

Coaster Radio Returns

A Review of the Return of Coaster RadioOn February 1st, Coaster Radio re-launched. The site and podcast had gone dormant for well over a year. When I reviewed a few theme park podcasts last year I found the Coaster Radio podcast to be pretty entertaining. I was late to the party though as they had decided to stop making shows. Anyway, on the 1st the new site launched with a blog as the main page. ...[Read More]

Coaster & Theme Park MySpace Pages?

Tracking Coaster TrendsI was perusing MySpace the other day and I found a whole niche of coaster and theme park MySpace pages. Some could possibly be created by savvy corporations that are hoping to ride M ySpace’s breakout popularity. I can’t help but applaud smart marketing. But it seemed likethe majority were created by fans. Like this one for Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Then there&...[Read More]

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