Cedar Fair Theme Parks Roll Out Fast Lane

Joining the other major theme park chains, Cedar Fair is rolling out their own virtual queue system. Fast Lane will be available at all Cedar Fair theme parks in 2012. With Fast Lane you’ll have quicker access to a variety of rides, roller coasters, and even shows at some parks. After a quick look at my home park’s website, Carowinds, I can see that WindSeeker, Boo Blasters, Rip Roarin...[Read More]

Holiday World Owners Talking to Kentucky Kingdom

Holiday World Involved in Talks with Kentucky Kingdom Holiday World owners are in talks with Kentucky Kingdom officials. They’re apparently in the “fact-finding” stage of looking into whether they see an opportunity to run the park at some point. A Wave3.com article has more: In a statement to WAVE 3, Paula Werne, director of communications for Holiday World and Splashin’ S...[Read More]

Theme Park Geekly Is Here

Earlier this week, I launched Theme Park Geekly. It’s an online community magazine for theme park fans with great editorial articles and interviews. More like a Rolling Stone or similar entertainment magazine, Theme Park Geekly won’t focus on reporting the latest theme park news. Instead, it’ll feature interesting takes on anything and everything related to theme parks from the v...[Read More]

Father & Son Stuck in Roller Coaster Loop

Riders Stuck in Roller Coaster Loop at Zibo Yudaihu Lake Zoology Garden Yesterday, ScreamScape reported on a story of an unusual roller coaster accident in China. Earlier this week, a father and a son were stuck in the vertical loop of a shuttle loop coaster some 15 meters (50 feet) above the ground. The usual rescue efforts were scrapped after fire fighters had trouble setting up their equipment ...[Read More]

Cedar Fair to Sell California’s Great America

Cedar Fair Sells California’s Great America for $70 Million Theme park chain Cedar Fair has struck a deal with JMA Ventures LLC to sell its Santa Clara theme park California’s Great America for $70 million. There have been rumblings for quite some time that Cedar Fair was looking to sell the park. The San Francisco area park has received very few new rides and new attractions in recent...[Read More]

This Fall, The Geeks Cometh….

Coming This Fall – Theme Park Geekly: Community Magazine Site As I was developing the idea for Theme Park Hype earlier this year, another idea was born during a Twitter discussion with Jake from Coasterdom. In another effort to provide something fresh and new, I’m going to launch an online community magazine for theme park fans called Theme Park Geekly. A Magazine Like actual print mag...[Read More]

Magic Mountain Announces World’s Tallest Vertical Drop Ride in Lex Luthor Drop of Doom

Six Flags Magic Mountain to Boast World’s Tallest Vertical Drop RideYesterday Six Flags Magic Mountain announced Lex Luthor Drop of Doom. Using Superman Escape From Krypton’s tower structure the ride will take guests up to an unprecedented height of 400 feet. This will make it the World’s tallest vertical drop ride. Six Flags Magic Mountain’s press release has more: Fearles...[Read More]

Is Carowinds Up to Something with Those FURY Billboards?

For about a month now I’ve been seeing billboards in the Charlotte area that simply read “FURY”. The billboards have nothing but the four giant letters with a kind of steel-texturing to them. I figured that this had to be some type of viral marketing campaign as the sign didn’t mention any other details. No web address, phone number, P.O. Box, or anything. I Googled “...[Read More]

Carowinds Announces WindSeeker for 2012

Carowinds Announces WindSeeker Yesterday, Carowinds made their 2012 announcement as they unveiled WindSeeker. It will basically be a super-sized version of the old school amusement park swing rides. With a height of 301 feet, Carowinds has dubbed it “The Tallest Ride at Carowinds”. Park vice president, Bart Kinzel noted how cool it will be to be able to look down at Intimidator. He als...[Read More]

Earthquake Shakes Kings Dominion & Busch Gardens

Just before 2 PM today a surprise earthquake shook the East coast. The quake’s epicenter was in Central Virginia near the town of Mineral.  That’s only about 30 miles from Kings Dominion and about 100 miles from Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The 5.8 magnitude rumbler was felt at both parks and as a safety precaution rides have been temporarily closed. Mosts are praising the ride closings...[Read More]

Happy Roller Coaster Day 2011

Looking for that roller coaster with a gap in its loop from the YouTube Geek Week commercial? Check out this post: Loop Gap Roller Coaster: YouTube Geek Week Commercial [divider_line]Today is National Roller Coaster Day. On August 16, 1898, Edwin Prescott submitted a patent for a looping roller coaster. So, someone decided that today would be a great day to celebrate these great inventions. If you...[Read More]

Reactions to Holiday World’s Mammoth & the Minivan Effect

Holiday World Announces World’s Longest Water Coaster for 2012 As Some Coaster Fans Groan Today, Holiday World announced Mammoth their largest single ride investment with a price tag of $9 million. Like the park’s Wildebeest, Mammoth will feature both down hill and up hill sections made possible via linear induction motors that will propel the ride boats. Unlike Wildebeest, the much la...[Read More]

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